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Masala Money: Krish Ashok X Deepak Shenoy on Food and Finance



Two engineers get together to discuss two life essentials – food and money!

Our food expert is Krish Ashok. Ashok is Global Head, Digital Workplace at TCS. He is a techie, a musician and an author. He talks about the science behind food, the history of food and offers a lot of food for thought for us to explore further. If you are interested, a good starting point is his famous book – Masala Lab.

Our money expert is Deepak Shenoy. Deepak talks about the importance of managing your finances, the myths about investing, the fallacies that investors should avoid, and his take on cryptocurrencies. It is quite a treat to listen when he shares food metaphors to explain financial concepts. So listen in!

Topics & References:

02:00 – Science of Indian food & cooking
Refer – The parable of turkey and how things are done
13:30 – Do modern food habits cause lifestyle diseases?
21:45 – Wait, it’s the opposite? Butter is ok but the Naan is not?
25:30 – Basics of food everyone should follow
Refer: Michael Pollan: Three Simple Rules for Eating
37:00 – The play of sugar & salt
40:00 – People hate changing food habits
45:00 – Each of us processes the same flavor differently
49:00 – We don’t like something because its unfamiliar, not necessarily bad
52:00 – Misconceptions about Food
Refer: Why the Tomato Was Feared in Europe for More Than 200 Years
56:00 – The myths of Genetic Modification
Refer – The Story of Norman Borlaug, the American Scientist Who Helped Engineer India’s Green Revolution
01:01:00 – How do we make more people cook? (especially, the men)
Refer – Apple Cider Vinegar Rasam
01:07:00 – Does the online food delivery phenomenon change things for food and our food habits?
01:11:00 – Switching roles – Ashok Asks Deepak about Money
01:13:00 – Building a relationship with money
Refer: Book: The Lexus and the Olive Tree
01:17:30 – What money can do for you?
01:23:00 – How an adult should learn the basics of Finance?
Refer: Book: An Economist Gets Lunch
01:43:00 – How should salaried professionals think about Income Tax?
01:50:00 – Working as an employee Vs working as a businesses
01:54:00 – Understanding Inflation first before learning about investment returns
Refer: What you know about inflation might be wrong
02:01:00 – How do you make money work for you?
02:09:00 – How to allocate between Equity & Fixed Income?
02:11:00 – Ways for your money to make more money?
02:16:00 – Importance of diversification in Finance & Food
02:19:00 – How should one think about their own risk appetite?
Refer: Harry Markowitz and Modern Portfolio Theory
Refer: How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking
02:28:00 – Is there a tool that helps track personal financial growth?
02:37:00 – Deepak’s thoughts on cryptocurrencies
Refer: Blockchains Are a Bad Idea (James Mickens)
Refer: Selling Shovels in the New Startup Gold Rush

You can buy Krish Ashok’s book on the science of Food – Masala lab.
You can buy Deepak Shenoy’s book on investing – Money Wise.

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