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Crossover Episode: Amit Varma X Deepak Shenoy talk about Creator Economy & Money Wise [Podcast]



A Crossover Episode between Seen And Unseen Podcast by Amit Varma and the Capitalmind Podcast!

  1. How their careers started and evolved
  2. Journey Vs Destination
  3. Goals Vs Processes
  4. What authenticity means to them
  5. First-hand look at the creator economy through their lenses
  6. Discussing Moneywise – Deepak’s first book

Two friends, both of whom are old hands in the creator economy, much before the term “creator economy” existed.  They sit together to discuss a wide array of topics around the creator economy through their experiences and Deepak’s first book – Moneywise. And of course, they talk a lot about their personal experiences and life in general.

This is actually a 5-hour episode that is actually just “a little more detailed” by both of their standards. We didn’t edit this in any way because it’s amazing the way it is – a free-flowing, one-take conversation between two veterans of their respective fields.

Here are some cues if you want to skip to a part that excites you. However, we’ll suggest you give it a listen, pause, start again, and go through with it. It’s actually an episode you can start and end at any point.

Settling in

  • [06:00] Dreams and how growing old impacts them
  • [20:00] a good journey is much more important than the destination

“If you’re not a socialist at 18, you don’t have a heart. If you’re not a capitalist at 25, you don’t have a brain”

Part 1: Creator Economy

  • [24:00] The power of authenticity
  • [28:00] Role of Intimacy (physical & emotional) for a creator

“Don’t be a mile wide and an inch deep”

  • [33:00] Simplicity of your content
  • [36:30] Finding your USP in the content game

One podcast listener to Amit Varma, “I felt like I was listening to two friends talking so much so that I even interrupted you once”

  • [40:00] The genesis of “Abey Yaar”
  • [43:00] Making real connections

“Do kids born in 1995 even know what boredom is? The value it holds ?”

  • [48:00] Learnings from the Gambling industry into social media addiction
  • [51:00]  How to spend your time?

“One way to spend time meaningfully is, perhaps, to not spend it meaningfully”, Deepak talks about the importance of Fursat and how “having time” does so many things for you.

  • [1:03:00] Two pro podcasters TALK about Listening 🙂
  • [1:15:00] Amit shares 6 commandments for new-age content creators. How things have changed from the older days of mainstream media.

“Creators should think about – Reach and Revenue. You do some things for reach and some things for revenue.”

  • [1:40:00] Power of Influencer economy
  • [1:53:00] Creators’ do unique stuff that they actually love.
  • [2:10:00] Why did brands start thinking differently about advertising?
  • [2:26:00] How to think about content in this age?

Part 2: Deepak’s first book – Money Wise

  • [2:32:30] How did the idea sprout for this book?
  • [2:42:00] Experience with teaching and writing a book

“The process of writing tells you a lot about what you don’t know. And that’s humbling”

  • [2:51:30] How did Deepak come to understand markets and numbers?
  • [3:01:00] Similarity between writing well and investing well

Writing is making a series of choices of word selection, sentence formations, style, and form. The same is with investing – keep making better choices.

  • [3:18:30] Power of compounding over years
  • [3:28:00] Behavioural aspects of buying, holding, or selling a stock
  • [3:53:00] Investing in yourself & personal leverage
  • [4:07:00] Role of survivorship bias
  • [4:17:30] Ownership in a job and own business
  • [4:27:00] How financial markets can evolve?
  • [4:37:00] Nation-State, decentralization, and disruption
  • [4:43:10] Resources to learn about Finance



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