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CM EasyInvest, Airtel Rights, Momentum & More


In this week’s edition, we have

  • Introducing Capitalmind EasyInvest tool.
  • 3 research articles from Capitalmind.
  • A Capitalmind Fundas post.
  • 5 best conversations from our slack community.
  • Tweet thread on RBI MPC meeting by Deepak Shenoy.
  • 6 interesting reads curated especially for you.

Investing in Capitalmind Portfolios made easy ✨

More than 90% of subscribers invest in one or more Capitalmind Model Portfolio. Introducing Capitalmind EasyInvest. A new feature built for Capitalmind Premium members.

CM EasyInvest, Airtel Rights, Momentum & More

An essential first step toward enabling Capitalmind Premium members to buy, sell, and rebalance their portfolios directly from the Capitalmind Dashboard.

[Read]: Introducing CM EasyInvest – Now buy Capitalmind Portfolios with a click

Quietly positive September amidst global rumbles ✌🏼

The Capitalmind Premium Momentum portfolio had a positive month with +1.7% but underperformed versus the NIFTY +2.8% and CNX500 +3.4%. In contrast to the previous month, large caps lost some steam as the month progressed, but mid-caps seem to get a second wind.

The Momentum portfolio tries to outperform the NIFTY while suffering lower drawdowns in corrections. The smallcase version of the portfolio has been live since Jan 2019, and even with adjustment for realistic returns, it has comfortably outpaced the benchmarks with lower volatility.

CM EasyInvest, Airtel Rights, Momentum & More

[Read] Quietly positive September amidst global rumbles

Which is the best Mutual fund app in India?📱

Investing through Mutual Funds is perhaps the most common personal finance advice you get. Mutual fund apps have made it easy for us to follow that advice.

But then there’s this problem of plenty. Too many apps to choose from. Groww, Kuvera, Paytm Money, ETMONEY & Zerodha Coin. Which is the best mutual fund app in India?

In this post, we do an in-depth review of the popular Mutual Fund apps and help you choose the best suits your need.

CM EasyInvest, Airtel Rights, Momentum & More

[Read] Which is the best Mutual fund app in India?

What to do with Bharti Airtel rights issue? 🔍

Now, Bharti Airtel has come out with a rights issue to raise ₹ 21,000 crores. Existing investors of Bharti Airtel shares are entitled to 1 right for every 14 shares they own. These rights have been credited to investor Demat accounts, are now listed on the exchange and tradable till 14th October.

What should investors do with their Bharti Airtel Rights Entitlement? Given this stock is part of our model portfolios, here’s our take.

[Premium] What to do with Bharti Airtel rights issue?

Capitalmind Fundas 📝

Here’s a series on what we call “Active Investing”. A multipart series on how you think about your money so you can manage it better. There is just too much bullshit on investing for the non-full-time investor, including on our website. You want a simple way to think and do.

[Start here] Take Control, Invest Actively: Active Investing Series

[Premium] School of Slack 😎

  • The #Long-term-stocks channel gets buzzier with the #taking-stock series. [Intro] [First stock]
  • Sometimes, bond yields are an early indicator of a company’s health. [link]
  • Uncle Theta trade updates [Wednesday trade] [Thursday trade]
  • A thread on “How options pricing work” with great graphics & easy to understand language. [link]
  • We discuss the present and future of social media stocks in #world-markets [link]

Tweet thread about RBI MPC meet 🏛

CM EasyInvest, Airtel Rights, Momentum & More

Links we Like

In this section, we bring you curated articles from across the internet that we found interesting:

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CM EasyInvest, Airtel Rights, Momentum & More

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