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Month: October 2021

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Bad Bank, Rights Issue, Ten Demons & No Cost EMIs

In this week’s edition, we have 3 research articles from Capitalmind Capitalmind Fundas post – How no cost EMIs work? 5 best conversations from our ...

Everything you need to know about Rights Issue of shares

Reliance Industries did India’s largest-ever rights issue of ₹ 53,125 crore. In Oct 2021, Bharti Airtel announced a rights issue of ₹ 21,000 ...

CM EasyInvest, Airtel Rights, Momentum & More

In this week’s edition, we have Introducing Capitalmind EasyInvest tool. 3 research articles from Capitalmind. A Capitalmind Fundas post. 5 best ...

Introducing CM EasyInvest: Now buy Capitalmind Portfolios with a click

We launched Capitalmind Premium in 2014. Our aim, to build India’s best research platform for active investors. For those new to Capitalmind, Premium ...

Quietly positive September amidst global rumbles

Sep 2021 Monthly Update for the Capitalmind Momentum Portfolio The Capitalmind Premium Momentum portfolio had a positive month with +1.7% but underperformed ...

Which is the best Mutual fund app in India?

Investing through Mutual Funds is perhaps the most common personal finance advice one would get. Mutual fund apps have made it easy for us to follow that ...

What to do with Bharti Airtel rights issue?

Telecom stocks have been in the news recently. Thanks to the Indian Government’s relief package, which ensured the survival of the Vodafone Idea. To add, ...

Mutual fund sahi hai but good time to buy yahi hai?

Summarising the week gone by and serving you the spread while you sip your coffee. In this week’s edition, we have 3 research articles from Capitalmind. ...