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  • 4 Original research articles from Capitalmind.
  • A special article featuring responses from our slack community.
  • A video with Deepak Shenoy talking about stocks, mutual funds, and markets.
  • 5 finance articles covering personal finance, macroeconomics, and investing from across the globe.
  • 5 conversations from our slack community.

Life is too short to make all the mistakes✌🏻

On Teachers’ Day, members of the incredible community share their most significant learnings from the markets. Novice or Experienced veteran, Investor, or Trader, you will find some fantastic food for thought in this post.


Spicing up the Fixed Income Portfolio 🌶

The Fixed Income portfolio has returned over 10% p.a. in the last five years, but been a little boring in the last year. It has only focussed on safety.

This, however, is only this year. The overall return of the portfolio since inception (12 Jan 2015) is about 77%, or an annualised 9% per year. Even recently, the performance has been fairly decent.

This financial instrument earns 36% per year!


Nykaa: Glamming up the IPO Scene 💅

Nykaa is a familiar name in the world of online cosmetics. It’s yet another Indian unicorn start-up that’s ready to list in the public markets. In this post, we delve into the business model of Nykaa and check out:

  • How it became synonymous with beauty & cosmetics?
  • How do the numbers stack up for its impending IPO?
  • How investors can decide whether or not to apply for the Nykaa IPO?
This financial instrument earns 36% per year!


IPOs are fun but are all of them profitable too? 🧐

Did you know:

  • 1 in 4 companies that went public in the 2010 boom does not exist anymore?
  • And that more than a decade later, 1 in 2 of those companies is trading below issue price?

We looked at data on the stock performance of companies that went public in past bull markets, to see if there are any lessons for investors subscribing to 2021 IPOs.


Credit cards give free* money. (*Cruel Conditions Apply, and they make 36%) ☠️

Credit cards are good, they might tell you. But there’s something about them that you might not know, especially if you’re a first time card holder. Let’s see how they make a “sucker” out of you by charging interest for what you think is “interest free”.


(PS: If you are still thinking what the 36% return was about: Credit card companies make that much as interest and more!)

[Video]: Stocks Vs Mutual Funds debate

Deepak Shenoy talks about the basics of investing in Stocks and Mutual Funds. Also, this time it’s in Hindi!

[Premium] The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • A thread by Deepak Shenoy on new players in P2P space and the regulatory grey areas. [link]
  • We’re good at analyzing buying a stock but we seldom sell for an objective reason. Here are some tips. [link]
  • We discuss the classic conundrum of paying off a home loan or keeping money in debt. [link]
  • What’s a good source to park funds that can be treated as cash equivalents for trading? [link]
  • If you are trading options, there’s a new devil in the order flow. [link]

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