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An IPO bigger than Zomato.. Is it better too?


Zomato has delivered delicious returns, and that too, two days earlier than expected. Another unicorn, Paytm, seems to be getting into the grove to play the same game. On the other hand, Reliance picks up Justdial to fill in a part of the digital ecosystem puzzle it is trying to solve. Most certainly, the start up world is now gaining huge traction in the stock markets.

All this along with the best conversations from our slack community and a bunch of articles that we have loved reading.

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Markets this week 🚦

Cement stocks are leading the board followed by metals while Telecom stocks lag with buzzing news related to tariff increase and an important SC verdict. Quite an exciting week but CNX500 closes flat.

An IPO bigger than Zomato.. Is it better too?

Master of Food Deliveries lists, now its time for Jack of everything else 💰

India’s first unicorn (valued more than $1 billion) which started as a digital wallet-based platform focusing on mobile recharges and utility payments has now transformed itself into a super-app. It provides services like lending, banking, money transfer, insurance, wealth advisory, e-commerce, travel and event bookings, gaming, and obviously recharge and bill payments.


Reliance is gathering pieces to complete an ambitious puzzle! 🔍

Why on earth would a mammoth company like Reliance bother to invest in JustDial (Reliance is roughly 225x Justdial’s market cap)? For what seems to be pocket change for Reliance, they’re putting in around ₹ 3,500 cr. in JustDial, a local search engine for businesses in India.


Tax Corner: About share warrants ⚡️

In this simple explainer on Share Warrants, Sandeep Koonaparaju breaks down what is a share warrant, how share warrants are priced and taxed, and how share warrants differ from ESOPs.


Deja Vu – An euphoria you have experienced before!⏳

These times reference to an article from the bull phase of 2014. The article further references us to the bull phase of 2007 and poses the much familiar question: Is this one of those times again?

We all know history doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme. But, did you know, it rhymes with Pink Floyd too!


[Premium] The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • Focused Portfolio: One tweak in the portfolio, and a transformation in its outcomes [link]
  • With all the news about snooping, an interesting way to check if you are being tracked [link]
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  • Trading: Why SEBI is hesitant to regulate retail algos. [link]
  • As one of our subscribers starts his venture, wish him luck and read the interesting advice others have for him [link]

Links we Like

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

  • Markets are kind these days. Newly listed stocks are zooming up, news inflow is quite positive and everyone seems to be making money. So this makes for the right time to ask if this is Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast
  • Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet have contributed a lot to the investing community and one sliver of it is them sharing their lens to view the world. One of the mental models that caught everyone’s fancy was Inversion. Check out this article to see how inversion applies to Investing, startups, business, and to relationships. Read: Invert, Always Invert
  • Lending is among the most lucrative business any tech-based startup wants to pivot to. Here’s a great article to understand what makes or breaks an online lending company. Read: Online Lending: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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An IPO bigger than Zomato.. Is it better too?
An IPO bigger than Zomato.. Is it better too?

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