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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee – Credit Cards, BPCL, Go Air and Diamond Hands


While you got the coffee and we’ve got for you a market update, 3 articles from Capitalmind, the Best content from our slack community, 4 insightful reads from across the internet, and of course, a newsletter special discount offer.

Markets this week 🚦

Yet another week with a lot more green than red. Textiles, IT, and Media sectors do the heavy lifting while the Power sector pulls things down. Metals still remain the best performing stock in the last 3 months.

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Credit Cards, BPCL, Go Air and Diamond Hands

Numbers do all the talking!📊

Sometimes it’s not obvious how much the lockdowns have hit the economy, so we have to look at some data that’s released on a more regular basis.

RBI releases data of how much people are spending on credit and debit cards, and UPI/IMPS on a daily basis, since November 2020.


IPO for growth or pay the bills? 🤷‍♀️

Devastated by the ongoing pandemic, the airline sector has struggled with rising costs. To stay afloat, promoters of India’s fourth-largest airline have chosen to tap the primary market. The company is looking to raise close to ₹ 3,600 crore via a fresh issue.

The funds will be used by the company for debt repayment, paying lessors, and for repayment of dues to Indian Oil Corporation.


BPCL – Not just a four letter word ❤️

BPCL has been in the news for a good run-up in price and a lot of positive sentiment. We look at this stock from different angles –

  • Why BPCL Performance Was Better Than Peers?
  • What Lies Ahead Fundamentally?
  • How are we seizing this opportunity?

Read –

The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • We discuss how inflation impacts a retail individual investor like us and what can be done to mitigate the impact of inflation. [link]
  • Innovative fixed income products – are they worth the operational hassle and hazily understood risk. [link]
  • An insightful discussion around momentum investing philosophy, products, methodologies, history, and a lot more. [link]
  • PSA: If you are dealing in options and using SL-M orders then you need to know this. [link]
  • Deepak Shenoy shares a fantastic thread on RBI balance sheets and explains some of the nuances. [link]

For folks who are yet to join the slack community, here’s a sneak peek – 

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Credit Cards, BPCL, Go Air and Diamond Hands

Links we like

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

  • A deep long read that begins by connecting the dots between hindsight bias & FOMO. Moves on to explain how Finance brains think of risk and so begins this 24 minute read – Talking To The Diamond Hands
  • After spending a good part of the last decade saying “winter is coming”, we have now come to the point when we are saying “inflation is coming. Read: Intro to Inflation and Why Common Leading Indicators Aren’t Always Reliable
  • Decision-making in Poker is all about dealing with uncertainties. Things in the real world are not less complex and here’s an article explaining just that. And hey, if you don’t care for the psychology, you may care for a cheat chart that poker players use to study strategies. Read: ‘How a $10k poker win changed how I think’
  • The weak hands met the diamond hands after losing their pants in the recent crash in the cryptocurrency market. This wasn’t the first such crash and it won’t be the last. So let’s take notes. Read: 4 Lessons From the Crypto Crash

Join, probably, the best investment community in India.

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Credit Cards, BPCL, Go Air and Diamond Hands
Capitalmind Saturday Coffee - Credit Cards, BPCL, Go Air and Diamond Hands

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That’s all folks 🤘

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