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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 8th May 2021 edition


A crisp update on all that’s happened at Capitalmind this week – Saturday Coffee with Capitalmind. ☕️​

Markets this week 🚦

The CNX 500 closed at a 1.4% gain with Metals, Textiles & Pharma leading the pack while Chemicals and Consumer goods lagging behind.

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 8th May 2021 edition

Market Ka King Kaun? 🔥 

We are habituated to check FII / DII numbers at the end of the day to see which of them impacted the market today. Little did we know, since last year, it was us making things happen around the circuit.

India’s markets are now dominated by individual investors, who now form 45% of the trading turnover on the stock exchange.

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CM Model Portfolios to the Moon! 🚀

The CM Focused portfolio hit a new lifetime high in April -the portfolio is up 3.54% in Apr 2021 while Nifty was flat at -0.4%. The CM passive portfolio is also at its all-time high and it has been beating all large-cap mutual funds over the last three years.

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Capitalmind Momentum and the month that went by 🎯

A flat to mildly negative month for index heavyweights but a lot of activity in specific segments especially metals, chemicals, and a few others. 2 of 5 stocks were positive for the month but the shift away from mega-caps to the mid and smaller caps was noticeable through the course of the month.


Coming Soon: Zomato on your investment Menu 🤓

Boosted by the pandemic-fuelled boom in food takeaway market, the operator of one of the biggest food delivery operations in India – Zomato Ltd. – plans to go public anytime soon.

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ESOPs are bumper but their taxation is a bummer!💡

The term ESOPs needs no introduction – but few people understand the tax implications of Employee Stock Options. The purpose of this article is to explain in brief, how ESOPs are taxed, from an employee’s perspective.


The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • We’re running an experimental trade to exploit an arbitrage opportunity [Link]
  • A good discussion on how a simple, well thought asset allocation plan beats the crap out of a lot of actively managed strategies [Link]
  • We debate newer investment products/platforms for retail investors and how they can potentially impact investment decisions. [Link]
  • There was a surprise RBI meet today and we have a quick update on the same [Link]

Links we like

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

  • For the geeks out there – here is a map of superheroes in NYC & the areas they protect [Link]
  • Via PortfolioYoga: Trend Following is Dead, Long Live Trend Following [Link]
  • From the world of economics: John Weeks – Joan Robinson and the Theory of Capital [Link]

Happy customer, happy us. ❤️

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 8th May 2021 edition

That’s all folks 🤘

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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 8th May 2021 edition

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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 8th May 2021 edition

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