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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 1st May 2021 edition


A crisp update on all that’s happened at Capitalmind this week – Saturday Coffee with Capitalmind. ☕️​

Markets this week 🚦

The CNX 500 closed a little higher at a 1.2% gain with Metals and Chemicals getting stronger while Construction and textiles seemed weak.

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 1st May 2021 edition

A wealth letter that talks about Health too ❤️

We publish excerpts of the that we write our customers highlighting the important stuff from the month gone by. Here’s the latest one by


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A unique IPO candidate: Looks equity, talks debt 🤓

India’s largest power transmission company coming up with an InvIT IPO. InvITs are new to Indian markets and are quite interesting products. We have seen two similar listings in the last few years – while IndiGrid InvIT had a decent run, IRB InvIT has failed to gather investors’ interest. Which way will this one go?

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On some days they put the rise of Bitcoin to Shame! 🚀

The stock prices are always in GREEN while some claim that the valuations are TOTAL GAS. However, there is a lot of POWER in this ENTERPRISE that also operates India’s largest PORT. If you read all the capital letters you’ll understand which capital compounder company we are talking about.

Here are all the posts from our series de-mystifying the meteoric rise of Adani –

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Capitalmind Strategy – The High Priced Portfolio ⭐️

In 2017, we introduced the High Price portfolio as a strategy of building a portfolio of stocks that was based purely on their absolute price without any reference to any other metric. Yes, just price and nothing else. We rebalance this portfolio once a year, in the 4th week of April. Here’s the latest update:

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New kid on the block in the buzzing Speciality Chemical space💡

The specialty chemicals sector is in a strong trend for the past 5 years. This is thanks to China’s pollution concerns and the Indian industry that leaves no stone unturned to make the best use of this opportunity. In this article we analyze a new entrant in this space and also share excerpts of our discussions within the slack community.


The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • There’s a new NFO that captures the latest US investment themes and is turning some heads in India – Mirae Asset NYSE Fang+ ETF. Here’s Anoop Vijaykumar analysing it for us. [Link]
  • We did a session with Sandeep Rao on how to trade Chase strategy with Options. Check out the recording on YT. [Link]
  • A fundamental question about a new age asset class that defies all fundamentals. [Link]
  • Some companies have land-banks that are big enough to overshadow their market cap. But are these land-banks bankable? We discuss. [Link]

Links we like

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

  • Farnam street interviews Karl Pillemer about his latest book and shares some life lessons. [Link]
  • We have always debated between skills and titles in the corporate setup. Here’s an article exploring the ‘relationships’ aspect of it. [Link]
  • An Italian town is selling houses for 1 Euro each and of course, there’s a catch. [Link]

And the thing that made us smile was how much our slack community loved this post:

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 1st May 2021 edition

That’s all folks 🤘

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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 1st May 2021 edition

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