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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 15th May 2021 Edition


We’ll start with looking at what moved the markets, check out all that is published by the Capitalmind team throughout the week, bring to you the best conversations from our slack community, share articles related to finance from across the internet that we loved.

If all of this makes you think, “Hey, these guys are awesome” – then we’ll say thank you and share an EID special discount coupon right at the end of this newsletter 😎

Markets this week 🚦

CNX 500 closed at a 1.6% drop with agriculture related segments booming while metals, after having a dream run for a month, ended at the bottom of the table

Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 15th May 2021 Edition

What’s on the cards for SBI Cards in India? 📈 📉

What’s with the second largest card issuer in India? – SBI Cards listed in 2020, but then Covid hit, and hit hard. You can’t travel so you won’t hit the card there. You can’t go to a restaurant, so that’s out too. What, then, happens to the card companies? Will usage of UPI hit the credit card business?

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What will Uncle Theta do on a Thursday? 🚀

Based on a bottom-up approach, we use data to determine the optimal intraday short options strategy for Thursday. We use an inductive data-backed approach to design this strategy that we think offers an optimal mix of return and risk management.

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The trend following ship enters turbulent waters

Our long-short trend following strategy saw a fantastic 2020 but 2021 has not been so kind. The strategy has been testing our SL’s and patience alike. A post on how to approach these testing times and the factsheet about the month gone by.


Reliance Partially paid shares are giving fully paid opportunities 🤓

“Experimentals” are typically trades we don’t think belong in long term or momentum kinds of strategies. They are special situations that we spot every once in a while. The trade is a simple arbitrage between the Partially Paid share and the Reliance future, which currently has a wide spread. 

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The School of Slack 😎

We bring you the most insightful discussions from our slack community

  • A good discussion on the recent trends in the semiconductor industry and the worldwide shortage of chips [Link]
  • A good thread on retirement planning, capital allocation, and use of debt instruments that are safe. [Link]
  • How would you like an index fund that tracks the MSCI Index? Does it add value to your allocation or lead to over-allocation? [Link]
  • We discuss with a Live case how illiquid ETFs get mispriced. Case in point – Mirae Asset Fang ETF (MAFANG) was mispriced by almost 15% at one point. [Link]
  • NHAI 54EC bonds are believed to be guaranteed by the government, but technically, are they safe enough? [Link]

Links we like

In this section, we bring you interesting links from across the internet

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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 15th May 2021 Edition
Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 15th May 2021 Edition

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