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Capitalmind Saturday Coffee | 3rd April 2021 edition


A crisp update on all that’s happened this week – Saturday Coffee with Capitalmind ☕️Capitalmind Saturday Coffee 3-Apr-2021

New approach, New identity, Same vision.

LT Multicap portfolio (now called the Focused Portfolio) is undergoing a transformation. While our core philosophy remains the same i.e to improve returns and avoid drawdowns, we are updating our approach.

Apart from everything that’s already there, we also incorporate position sizing in the portfolio, leverage technical analysis for long term investing, and focus on growth & opportunity cost aspects. More in the post –

LT Multicap is now revamped. A new approach, A new identity: The Focused Portfolio

How much more can this elephant dance?

In August 2020, we wrote about the overhang on GAIL’s share prices and what could be the possible triggers. [Read: GAIL: Green shoots or one too many overhangs?].

We followed it up with yet another post with a deeper analysis [Read: PSU Oil & Gas Stocks: Reset to Brent @ $50].

Since our initial article, GAIL’s shares have risen over 80%. We now analyse and see if there is more upside left to this stock.

[Premium] Read: GAIL: Four factors in favour of India’s largest gas distributor

​​Momentum on my mind!

We bring to you the monthly update on Momentum portfolio, how the markets did last month and the overall market profile over the last financial year.

A rollicking end to the Financial Year but markets send mixed signals

The cookie can crumble on a margin call to just one fund house ?

Well, the tail is wagging the dog again. As it happens, yet again, the world’s financial system is currently in yet another turmoil, because some character borrowed money to buy stocks, and those stocks have fallen just a little. Again.

Check out our coverage of the Archegos Capital saga in a post by Deepak Shenoy that went viral globally:

How the Leverage at Archegos Capital Brought Banks to their Knees

Slaying it on slack

Links we like

Here are some of the handpicked links from across the internet that we enjoyed and we think you will too –

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