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Chart Of The Day: Bank FD Rates From 1976


The RBI has provided rates that banks used to give for one year deposits, all the way back to 1976. Here’s a plot of the “high” rates today (9.25 to 10%).

Much of the 90s was a 10 to 12% rate, and I remember that many bonds (IDBI etc.) offered 12%-14% to retail buyers.

Call money rates (this is inter-bank borrowing) peaked in the 1991 crisis and have come down substantially since.

  • Rajandran says:

    Wow! Mind Blowing FD rates had surpassed above 18% in the older decades 🙂

  • Rajandran says:

    Oops its call money rates… Mistaken 😛

  • D. P. Bagchi says:

    Dear Mr. Shenoy
    I need one help from you about calculating long tern capital gain tax. I have a flat purchased in 1988 which I have decided to sale now in Feb/March 2012. In the purchase (cost) price, can I add the housing society maintenance charges and municipal corporation tax charges since paid from the day of purchasing the flat till the date of selling.
    I shall be grateful to receive reply from you in my e.mail address.
    D. P. BAGCHI

  • MK says:

    Is’nt it 35 yrs chart if its from 1976, i was born in 1976 and i am not 25 yrs 🙂

  • Jai says:

    Thanks for posting this data. Wonderful chart..
    Few questions
    1) Is this the average interest rate of all the banks. Because it varied from bank to bank also depending upon the type of the customer.
    2) Can you give me the link for the base data ?
    3) I invested with ICICI FD’s. I never remember the interest rates going as low as 5 % in 2002-2003 times. Do others remember such low rates ?

  • Birendra Kumar Dubey says:

    Please let me know the yearly fixed deposit interest rates of the year 2004-05 and 2005-06 of IDBI Bank.