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Portfolio: Momentum Portfolio reduces equities


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Since the last rebalance on Mar 2nd,  it has been one-way traffic for stocks.  Chart shows percentage of NSE-listed stocks trading above  50/100/200 Day Moving Average thresholds. The shaded region is the movement since the last rebalance. Portfolio: Momentum Portfolio reduces equitiesThe universe of stocks that qualify to be part of the momentum portfolio has shrunk drastically enough to merit an out-of-turn rebalance to the momentum portfolio. We are battening down the hatches so to speak.

We exit 11 stocks, add some exposure to Gold through GoldBees, and move the rest to cash in LiquidBees.

Stocks we are exiting

Portfolio: Momentum Portfolio reduces equities

Portfolio for March 2020

Portfolio: Momentum Portfolio reduces equitiesMinimum lot size is ~₹1,60,000.

kite cart users: Link to fresh buys and changes will be posted on #actionable. smallcase users: Will receive an email to rebalance.

For queries, reach out on #helpdesk (premium subscribers)

Portfolio: Momentum Portfolio reduces equities


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