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Podcast: Anupam Gupta on Regular Investing and Where To Focus



Anupam Gupta (b50 on Twitter) speaks with Deepak Shenoy of Capitalmind, about what to focus on when investing. It’s more about just regular investing, than other things like returns or timing the market, says Anupam. You’ll make more money by saving more , instead of focussing on how much you should invest at what time in what stock.

He talks of a concept that’s just plain darn simple: Increase your SIPs. Because your income’s going up. Your expenses too, but that means your savings are likely to be going up as well. Just increase your savings each year.

Also – focus on liquidity, he says. Locking in investments in insurance or other such locked in plans isn’t cool.

On that and more, about India and abroad, about Bombay and other cities – listen to this episode on Regular Investing.

Anupam is a podcast host at Paisa Vaisa, and also an investment research consultant and a Chartered Accountant. And he is a good friend and an phenomenally nice guy!