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#Linkfest: Maruti’s Electric Car, US is World’s Biggest Oil Producer, Strikes Hit the Bullet…


At Capitalmind Premium, we have a very active Slack channel where we discuss a lot of interesting topics. In there,  a number of interesting links come our way. Here’s a list:

​​​​​​​1. Maruti has an electric car – a Wagon R, and apparently scheduled for 2020.

2. Berkshire Hathaway can’t figure out where to put its cash, so it just bought back nearly $1 billion of its own stock.

3. In all this gloom and doom sort of atmosphere that’s hovering over NBFCs, they finally see some ray of hope. RBI has allowed banks to extend partial credit worthiness to some bonds issued by these NBFCs. The hopeful expectation of this is that this will help the NBFCs improve their credit ratings.

4. In other news, Royal Enfield asked workers to end their strike and resume work. Only if it were that easy. The union refused to do so and stood by their demands. The protest that’s been going on since 24th September, has resulted in a loss of around 25,000 units of production to Royal Enfield.

5. Abhishek Singh, director of Manpasand Beverages Ltd, answered the questions posed by Bloomberg Quint. Earlier, they had raised some questions regarding the Q2 results of Manpasand Beverages Ltd and said they they didn’t receive any response from the company.

6. Last week we posted a link about Harshad Thakkar, the promoter of Ashapura Intimates, gone missing. This week we are pleased to report that the mystery has gone to a whole different level… especially with an alleged suicide note surfacing recently.

7. Dear Kolkata, your own ITC Ltd on Tuesday launched its dairy products in Kolkata under its flagship Aashirvad brand. Recently, they ended their 10 years long research for their dairy products and is eyeing 8% of the estimated Rs. 1,800 crore market in Kolkata.

8. The US is now the world’s biggest oil producer, surpassing Russia, at 11 million barrels per day. (To give you context, India needs about 3.5 million barrels per day for all of itself)

9. RBI: Is it sitting on too much capital?

10. A brilliant investor who tabulates his set of mistakes:


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