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Month: September 2018

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Charts: Inflation Falls Below 4%, and Hearteningly, Core Inflation Falls Too

Inflation for August 2018 came in at a low 3.69% for August 2018. This is pleasant news with a sliding rupee, which nearly hit 73 to a dollar before reversing. ...

Book Review: Dead Companies Walking: How a Hedge Fund Manager finds Opportunity in Unexpected Places

One of the enduring things about America is that they don’t overly critique failures. Companies that try and fail are better off than companies that ...

My Podcast: Gyan on Entrepreneurship and Life And All That Jazz

Anupam Gupta and I have been having conversations for years. This time, we made it official. Here’s a Paisa Vaisa podcast episode where I speak about ...

Premium: Introducing the Long Term Large Cap Portfolio

At Capitalmind, we currently run 4 portfolios : Long Term Portfolio which is a market-cap agnostic portfolio comprising growth stocks that we believe shall ...

Chart: The History of the Rupee-Dollar Exchange Rate Since 1966

Historical chart of the Indian Rupee versus the US Dollar from ...

The Fear of Losing Margins: Balkrishna’s Fall on Capex Plans

Balkrishna Industries is down over 15% in a few days on the back of an announcement that it will spend more money on ...

Whoa. SEBI Says Indians Are Not Allowed To Manage Foreign Funds into our Market.

SEBI has something up it’s sleeve, always. The market regulator has spooked a few people, in a sweeping regulatory move that seems to say that if ...

Portfolio: Replacing 3 Stocks and Adding 3 More In Momentum Monthly Rejig

Every first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form part of our Momentum portfolio and reshuffle the portfolio accordingly. This is the ...

Book Review: The Spider Network – The Wild Story of a Maths Genius and One of the Greatest Scams in Financial History

At Capitalmind, we love reading books. As part of a new Initiative, we shall come out with short briefs on books we have read. Honest reviews just like you ...

Monthly Return Charts: Nifty Does Another 3% To Take 2018 to Double Digit Returns

Yet another month goes by with the Nifty doing something positive – a 3% month this time. Takes the Nifty’s return to 10.9%. This takes us to a 10% ...