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Month: August 2017

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Bond Baba: Will the Infy Buyback Be Useful for an Arb?

Infy has announced - just recently - that they will meet on the 19th to decide if they should buy back shares. They've announced that they will spend about Rs. ...

Markets Have Recovered – Is It Happy Times Again?

Prediction is hard, especially when it’s about the future - Anonymous We are told that prediction is bad and one shouldn’t try to time the market. Time in ...

India has the world's highest fuel cost, relative to income, from high taxes

Bloomberg has an interesting piece about fuel prices around the world: India has one of the highest costs of petrol in the world in terms of affordability. The ...

How Is Your Purchase Price Divided After a Demerger?

Companies demerge themselves. When they do, your shares in the original company now gives you more shares of other companies. The Sintex demerger gave you 1 ...

The Cost of Demonetization: Rs. 34,000 cr. in Lower RBI Payout, Likely from Interest on Excess Cash

The RBI will pay Rs. 306.59 billion (Rs. 30,659 cr.) to the government as a “surplus”. Versus Rs. 65,000 cr. in the previous years. Oh my goodness, ...

Premium: Electric Vehicles will be Huge, and Why We Need an EV Portfolio

Electric vehicles are the future. For India and for the world. Electric vehicles have a big advantage over Petrol or Diesel vehicles China leads the world in ...

SEBI Bans "Shell" Companies, But Hits a Bunch of Normal Companies Too

  SEBI has decided to put 311 companies into what is called a “Graded Surveillance Measure” level VI. Which is a code for “We Hate These ...

Bharat – 22 – A catch 22 for the Investor?

Unit Trust of India was an Institution created by an Act of Parliament in 1963. The following year it launched a US-64 “fund” which over time ...

Portfolio: Momentum Monthly Changes Replace a Whopping 16 Stocks

It's the first Monday of the month, and it's time to rework the Momentum portfolio. It's not done fantastically - with only a 2.85% return since June when we ...

Chart: Adjust the Nifty for Inflation, and we are 10% below the highs of 2007

Inflation hits all of us hard. It’s a drop in purchasing power. So let’s adjust the Nifty for a “constant” purchasing power by removing ...