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Month: August 2017

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Premium: US Watchdog Fines Habib Bank $630 Million, DCB Shares Tumble, Whats the Impact?

DCB shares took a fresh hit today of 3%. The reason was interesting: it has the same promoters as of Habib Bank in Pakistan, and that Pakistan bank has been ...

The GDP In Charts: Lowest Growth In Four Years as Economy Decelerates

We seem to have a problem. The GDP data that we’ve got is bad, with growth going to a low 5.7%. This is the lowest GDP growth number since March ...

DLF Promoters Will Sell Stake. And Then, Buy Stake. What's the Deal?

DLF finally announced something that it had announced 8 years ago, but it hadn’t completely happened yet. (But it’s not yet final anyhow, so the ...

Uncle Theta Closes Stratoptions for a Near 3% Return in the Month

There is an art, it says, or rather, a knack to flying. The knack lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. - Douglas Adams It's ...

Earnings Report : Nifty50 Shows Revenue and Profit Growth At 9.63% and 0.90% in Q1FY18 Yearly

Q1 Results are out! As all the Nifty 50 companies disclosed their performance report, we bring you a summary of their results. Nifty 50 Companies Q1FY18 ...

NSE/BSE Change Rules on Option Expiry To Reduce Excess STT Payouts

You know, of course, that if you buy options and let them expire in the money, that you pay a ludicrous amount of Securities Transaction Tax. It is 0.1% of ...

Premium: The EV Portfolio and Watchlist

We have talked about the concept of Electric Vehicles and Batteries. Here’s a portfolio of stocks we think can benefit from our move to Electric Vehicles in ...

Premium: The Electric Vehicle Wave: Analyzing the Battery Ecosystem

Batteries form the heart of electric vehicles. That’s most of what they have. A battery that powers an electric motor, which runs the driveshaft. Batteries ...

The Risk in Home Finance: When The Good Loans Default Because There's No House Anymore

It just got real. Four years ago, we wrote of a problem in homelending. That banks can come after you in case your builder defaults in paying ...

Infosys buys back at 23% higher price, but what happens after?

Infosys will buy back Rs. 13,000 cr. worth shares at Rs. 1150 in a tender offer, says their board today. This is a near 5% buyback, and will reduce the ...