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Month: May 2017

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The Rupee Rushes Back to 65. RBI Has The Reserve To Sell, But Will It?

The Rupee made a huge move today, after sitting below Rs. 64 for more than two months. The rupee is now at 65 (after market) and looks really weak. This is not ...

Top 10 Reads: Economic Confidence Model, George Soros Trade, Low Inflation, Market Volatility, Rare Metals, Retirement Fund and more….

Slack is where the daily action happens. We take pride in our diverse and always helpful member community which includes value investors, fund managers, and ...

Yes Bank : RBI Finds 5x More NPAs Than Bank Reveals, Bank Says It's Not Hiding NPAs

Yes Bank has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. There’s been about 5.5 times more “bad” loans according to RBI, versus what ...

Outlier in Focus: V2Retail, A Turnaround Story With Some "Warranted" Risks

We come across a large number of interesting stocks in Capitalmind SNAP Outliers, our discovery tool for stocks with momentum. Here’s a look at V2Retail, a ...

Charts: Trade Deficit Expands To Widest Since November 2014 And This Is Good News

India’s import deficit in April 2017 was a whopping 13 billion dollars. The most since November 2014. And that’s an awesome thing. Why is this ...

Portfolio: Removing Canara Bank From DivYield Portfolio On Low Dividend Yield

We are removing Canara Bank from our DivYield portfolio. The place is vacant, we will be adding another stock soon. Canara Bank has just given a dividend of Rs ...

Charts: 6 Months Post Demonetization, Cash Levels Get To 80% Of What It Was Earlier. And Credit/Deposit Growth Falls Off A Cliff.

Just as we reach the six month anniversary of the Demonetization of the 500/1000 rupee notes, we get the status of cash in the economy. The chart has it: we ...

Bond Baba: How To Tender Your MPhasis Shares, and a 34% Return on Buybacks in One Year

The Mphasis Buyback is here! Remember, in February we mentioned this 13% buyback opportunity (Read post) where the Mphasis buyback at Rs. 635 was ...

Earnings Report: 20 of Nifty100 Companies Show 7.95% Growth in Net Profit Q4FY17, Annual Growth at 5.25%

Q4 Results are out! As the Nifty 50 companies line up to disclose their performance report, we bring you a summary of their results along with the schedule ...

Who Says You Can’t Compare Investments That Have Different Risks?

You can and should compare returns across different investment avenues. Actually, you need to look at just two things. Find out what these two factors are in ...