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Outlier in Focus: Uflex Limited


Outlier in Focus: Uflex Limited

We come across a large number of interesting stocks in Capitalmind SNAP Outliers, our discovery tool for stocks with momentum. See a video of how Outliers works, and how to use Outliers to find all-time highs. Here’s a stock we found interesting that’s been an outlier. Catch them all here.
This week we take a look at the Outlier – Uflex [Check the stock out here on SNAP].
Outlier in Focus: Uflex Limited
India’s largest end to end flexible packaging solutions provider, Uflex serves the packaging needs of various industries across the globe.
Born in 1983, Uflex has become India’s largest flexible packaging company with manufacturing facilities spread across UAE, Mexico, Poland, Egypt and USA.
Outlier in Focus: Uflex Limited
The Company is setting up facility in the State of Gujarat for manufacture and sale of Aseptic Packaging materials for liquid products with an annual capacity of 7 billion packs at a cost of Rs. 580 crore to be operational by end of this financial year.
Outlier in Focus: Uflex Limited
Packaging Film Business – OPP Films, Polyester Films, Metalized & Specialty films and Polyester Chips of different grades etc.
Flexible Packaging Business – laminates made of various combinations of Polyester, BOPP, poly, metalized & hologram films and others in roll form and in various preformed pouches & bags of many sizes etc. Ex: The KOHINOOR Bag used for packaging of premium rice, BIRLA WALLCARE package i.e. a Woven Polypropylene (WPP) stand-up bag used for packaging 40 kgs.


P&G, PepsiCo, Tata Global, Mondelez, L’ Oreal, Britannia, Haldiram, Amul, Kimberly Clark, Ferro Rocher, Perfetti, GSK, Nestle, Agrotech Foods, Coca Cola, Wrigley, Johnson & Johnson among other.
Outlier in Focus: Uflex Limited

Big Whales?

As per the latest shareholding pattern, 3 Big Whale investors continue to stay invested. They include Dilip Kumar Lakhi of Lakhi Group at 3.34%, Haresh Keshwani at 3.63% and Ricky Ishwardas Kirpalani at 1.94%.
Outlier in Focus: Uflex Limited


The company’s raw materials are linked to crude oil prices. This has resulted in flat revenue growth though there has been growth in volume terms. The company expects growth on the back of the introduction of innovative and value added packaging in the domestic and overseas market.
Outlier in Focus: Uflex Limited
Here is how they ended March, 2016:
Outlier in Focus: Uflex Limited

Outlier History

Outlier in Focus: Uflex Limited
The stock has witnessed  multiple breakouts just in the month of April with the price kissing the 52 week high of Rs. 370/-.Outlier in Focus: Uflex Limited

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