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Nifty Ends March with 12% Return in 2017, 10 Year SIP Returns Recover to 9%


The market loves 2017. There are three months, back-to-back, with more than 3% returns. And the total returns in the first four months is a massive 12%.
Nifty Monthly Returns

Best Nifty Return Till March Since 2013: 4Th Best Ever

If you look at returns till March, we have 12.1% which is the best since 2012 (14.5%). And then before that, it was 2006 (20%) and then, 1999 (22%).
However, the last two times (2006 and 2012) were at near term peaks and the market corrected substantially since. 2006 saw a 30% fall, and 2012 saw a 10% fall.
Nifty Till March

Nifty SIP returns recover, at 9% for 10 years

Buying once is fine, but what if you bought the Nifty every month? The return over the last 10 years is about 8.8%.
Nifty Rolling SIP Returns
It’s an interesting time. April brings us result season and an RBI meet on the 6th. And as always, respect your stops!