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Earnings Report: 3QFY17 : Results For 7-Feb


Earnings Report: 3QFY17 : Results For 7-Feb

Here is a quick summary of the third quarter financial results.

  • All figures in Rupees Crore except EPS
  • NP = Net Profit After Tax
  • Rev = Revenue
  • EPS = Earnings Per Share (Adjusted for Bonuses and Splits)
  • C = Consolidated, S = Standalone
  • If we have published an incorrect data set here, do let us know.
  • Where earnings go from profit to loss or vice versa, things go a little crazy with the profit and EPS growth percentages. Please ignore them.

The Nifty

The financial results of 30 Nifty companies are out so far. Total Net Profits of the companies increased by 19.19% while Total Revenue was up by 3.83%. (Tata Steel and BHEL announced today)
Earnings Report: 3QFY17 : Results For 7-Feb

Results Announced Yesterday:

Earnings Report: 3QFY17 : Results For 7-Feb

Results To Watch Out for Today:

Earnings Report: 3QFY17 : Results For 7-Feb

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