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Weekly Mashup – Edition 17


Weekly Mashup – Edition 17
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Charts: Demonetization Killed Credit Growth in November, with Trade, NBFCs and Industry Reducing Loan Offtake
India’s IIP Up 5.7% With Complex Diwali and Demonetization Impacts. Textiles and Auto Win

#Data Analysis

Debt Funds Redemption Jumps 60%, Equity Funds Witness Lower Purchases


“They’re getting away with murder” – How Big A Bite Will Trump Take?


On Slack: 10 Pertinent Questions, 60 Crore Hours, Corporate Tax Overhaul, GDP Estimates, Raghuram Rajan, SIP Returns 10 Years, Shockwaves, Time To Ignore Advice, Why States Fail? and more….
On Slack: A Failed President?, Bond Massacre, Bubble Online, Cash Tax, Creditworthiness Emails, Heaven Only Knows, Real GDP Growth, Trump Stump, Trumpian Uncertainty, Unsold Homes and more….
States Get 40% Lower Taxes From The Central Government in November


Bond Baba Likes Yet Another Buyback Arbitrage For Its High Acceptance Likelihood
Portfolio: Adding A PSU to DivYield Portfolio


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Weekly Mashup – Edition 17


2016 in Review: The Top 10 Dividend Yielding Companies
Exclusive: We Reveal The Observations Made By US FDA’s Inspection Of Granules OmniChem’s Vizag Facility
Infosys Has A Lacklustre Result But Option Sellers Rejoice

#FII-DII Trading Activity for the week ending 13-Jan-17

Weekly Mashup – Edition 17 Weekly Mashup – Edition 17
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