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On Slack: A Failed President?, Bond Massacre, Bubble Online, Cash Tax, Creditworthiness Emails, Heaven Only Knows, Real GDP Growth, Trump Stump, Trumpian Uncertainty, Unsold Homes and more….


On Slack: A Failed President?, Bond Massacre, Bubble Online, Cash Tax, Creditworthiness Emails, Heaven Only Knows, Real GDP Growth, Trump Stump, Trumpian Uncertainty, Unsold Homes and more….

Slack is where the daily action happens. We take pride in our diverse and always helpful member community which includes value investors, fund managers, and professional traders. Here is a brief summary of some of the interesting things discussed there in the last few days. Find all older ones here.

#general: 1.2 lakh unsold homes in Bengaluru

The usually resilient Bengaluru residential real estate market has suffered a setback as project launches and sales have tumbled in second half (H2) of calendar 2016, according to Satish BN, Executive Director (South), Knight Frank. Hindu Business Line

#general: HDFC Bank checks for creditworthiness by reading user emails

The online verification process for HDFC Bank’s credit card application requires users to give the bank permission to view the user’s email messages & settings and permission to view all contacts, in addition to basic info like age range and language and other email addresses. Medianama

#bonds: CPSE ETF set to raise up to Rs 6,000 crore; issue to open on 17 January

The issue size of CPSE ETF will be Rs. 4,500 crore, with the option of raising another Rs 1,500 crore, according to a government official. Livemint

#macronomics: Trumpian Uncertainty

As the world’s largest economy leads the way into uncharted political waters in 2017 and beyond, it might be best to set aside the ordinary laws of economics. Which policies Donald Trump will pursue remains unknown, to say nothing of which will succeed or what the consequences will be. Project Syndicate

#macronomics: Barack Obama legacy: An incredibly decent man, a great orator and a failed President

In the warm afterglow of yet another rousing speech delivered from the farewell podium in that rich baritone, with lines like “You have made me proud, and you have made me proud, and you have made the country proud,” thrown at the missus while wiping an errant tear, it is so easy to fall in love with Barack Obama all over again. First Post

#macronomics: Moscow and New DC

Trump’s USA may cooperate with Russia like never before, significantly altering global power equations. Indian Express

#general: Will Bangalore have to be evacuated by 2023?

The Government of Karnataka will have to evacuate half of Bangalore in the next ten years, due to water scarcity, contamination of water and diseases. First Post

#general: Narcissistic Leaders: The Incredible Pros, the Inevitable Cons

When Michael Maccoby wrote this article, which was first published in early 2000, the business world was still under the spell of the Internet and its revolutionary promise. It was a time, Maccoby wrote, that called for larger-than-life leaders who could see the big picture and paint a compelling portrait of a dramatically different future. Harvard Business Review

#macronomics: Big Trump card could hit Indian IT, pharma! Five takeaways from presser

The first presser of US President-elect Donald Trump could put IT and pharma stocks in a tight spot when the domestic market opens for trading on Thursday.  Economic Times

#bonds: The coming ‘bond massacre’ will be worse than 1994

Bonds dwarfs the US stock market capitalization ($27 trillion). Bonds are a global phenomenon with even bigger bubbles elsewhere, particularly in NIRP countries, such as those in Europe, and in Japan. That’s why bonds matter. They’re enormous. And the damage they can do to investors is huge. Business Insider

#general: Aggressive EaseMyTrip flies into top league

Projects Rs 2,500 cr as revenue in FY17; set to become 3rd or 4th player in online travel sector. Business Standard
On Slack: A Failed President?, Bond Massacre, Bubble Online, Cash Tax, Creditworthiness Emails, Heaven Only Knows, Real GDP Growth, Trump Stump, Trumpian Uncertainty, Unsold Homes and more….

#macronomics: India’s real GDP growth to slip to 6% in 2016-17

Demonetisation to cause sustained downturn. CMIE

#general: Banks, OMCs will bear card payment charges at petrol pumps: Pradhan

Banks and oil marketing companies will bear transaction charges for the fuel bought using cards at petrol pumps, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said today. Rediff

#macronomics: India’s ‘Heaven Only Knows’ Earnings Season

While ATMs in India are still waiting to get refilled, analysts’ spreadsheets are finally getting populated. The high-frequency statistics they need to weigh the impact of the country’s bizarre currency ban are slowly trickling in. By the looks of things, some earnings forecasts may escape with just a trim; others may need the slash-and-burn treatment. Bloomberg

#general: In Defence of Dividends

Johnson Investment Counsel

#general: To push digital transactions, Modi government lines up measures to discourage large cash use

Among many proposals to incentivise digital transactions, a ‘cash tax’ is being considered by the government. If the proposal is cleared, it may figure in the February 1 budget. Economic Times

#stocks: Reliance Communications dubbed “poster child of everything wrong with Corporate India”

A new research alleges that Reliance Industries and Reliance Communications have shortchanged investors by over Rs25,000 crore at the RCom formation and that profits have been inflated at RCom between 2006-2010 by almost Rs11,000 crore. Money Life
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