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Complete Sales Analysis December 2016 – Two & Three Wheeler


Complete Sales Analysis December 2016 – Two & Three Wheeler
Sales of Two Wheelers and Three Wheelers stood at 10.79 lakh units in December, 2016 against 13.76 lakh units during the same time last year resulting in a contraction of 21.6%.
Complete Sales Analysis December 2016 – Two & Three Wheeler
YTD sales stood at 149.88 lakh units against 141.47 lakh resulting resulting in a growth of 5.9%.
Complete Sales Analysis December 2016 – Two & Three Wheeler
Bajaj logo
Bajaj Auto Sales At 33 Month Low, Rural Demand Down 20% In Addition To Fall In Collections
Hero MotoCorp Logo
Hero MotoCorp Bitten By Demonetization Bug, Sales Down 34% or 1.7 Lakh Units
Honda logo
Honda, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer dominating the Southeast Asian countries made an investment in ride-hailing app Grab – a ridesharing rival to Uber. Grab includes motorbike taxis on demand, alongside private cars and licensed taxis in six countries in Southeast Asia (Go-Jek, a startup recently valued at $1.3 billion, leads the growing motorbike taxi market in Indonesia). Grab has over 24 million app downloads and a pool of more than 500,000 drivers.
Honda will use Grab customer data to develop new products and services and also put information technology to work to ease urban gridlock.
This comes at a time when new business models like the sharing economy threatens Honda’s dominance in the motorcycle market. Also as sales of motorcycle takes a beating due to tough competition in India, Honda is left with a big question on how will be it able to shape its future growth.
Complete Sales Analysis December 2016 – Two & Three Wheeler
To take on its partner from the past Hero MotoCorp, Honda launched its second motorcycle with BS-IV compliant engine – the Honda CB Unicorn 160.
Honda is confident of moving its entire product range to BS-IV compliant much before the deadline of April 1, 2016.
Honda also introduced the Honda Navi In Adventure And Chrome Edition.  A crossover between a motorcycle and scooter, Navi stands out against anything available in the two segment market currently. Read here on how India and Thailand powers Honda’s revenue.
Complete Sales Analysis December 2016 – Two & Three Wheeler
Honda reported sales of 231,654 units in December, 2016 against 306,779 units during the same time last year resulting in a contraction of 24.5%.
Complete Sales Analysis December 2016 – Two & Three Wheeler
MSI senior vice-president for sales and marketing YS Guleria said:

Selling close to 5 million units, we grew 50% faster than industry in 2016. While the industry sales fell to an 80-month low in December on demonetisation blues, we grew on a year-to year basis 11%or 0.48 million additional units in the year to 4,988,512 units up from 4,508,222 units in 2015, while the industry sales (domestic and exports) grew around 7%.
With demonetisation impact ebbing and upcoming festive season, coupled with expectations of a good Budget, we are cautiously optimistic about the March quarter and hopes to close 2016-17 with a double-digit growth. Despite continuing pressure of noteban, we grew over 50 percent faster than industry in 2016 with volume growing by 0.48 million units to 4,988,512 units. The fall, due to the noteban, would have been higher had it not been for a 66% jump in exports to 26,602 units in the month.


Royal Enfield Logo
Royal Enfield Reports Overall Sales Growth At 42%, Exports Double To 1082 Units
Yet to disclose sales for December.
Suzuki launched the Hayabusa in the latest colours for 2017. The bike would be imported as CKD (Completely Knocked Down) Kits and assembled at the SMIPL factory in Gurgaon.
Suzuki has partnered with PayTM and HDFC Bank to tide the demonetization drive. Customers would receive Rs. 3,000/-cashback from PayTM on delivery while they would have to pay Rs. 20,000/- during the booking. While HDFC Bank will provide 100% finance for any Government of HDFC employee.
Mr. Satoshi Uchida, Managing Director, SMIPL, said:

We aim to limit the impact of demonetisation by providing our customers a convenient purchase alternative that is not dependent on availability of cash in hand. We will continue to stand with our patrons and ensure a delightful customer experience every time they visit our outlets.
For those customers who have income proof, but do not have an account with HDFC, there is a limited period Low Down Payment Scheme with 90% finance for any Suzuki two wheeler product.

TVS Motors
TVS Motors Sales Fall By 17,120 Units, Both Domestic & Export Sales Take A Beating
yamaha logo
Yamaha reported sales of 49,775 units in December, 2016 against 38,833 units during the same time last year.
YTD sales stood at 6.10 lakh units against 4.75 lakh units.
Complete Sales Analysis December 2016 – Two & Three Wheeler
Roy Kurian, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Yamaha Motor India Sales said:

The year 2016 has been a landmark year. Yamaha as a company managed to perform strongly in all aspects and maintained a steady sales growth across the year. This year Yamaha crossed one lakh sales figure first in India consecutively in two months (Sept & Oct).
The continuous growth numbers are a sign of Yamaha’s robust business plans and strategic customer engagement programs. The New Year holds tremendous opportunity for further growth as Yamaha will enhance its product portfolio with the launch of new and exciting models and will intensify its network expansion plan across the country. As a young brand fostering style and excitement along with innovation, Yamaha will continue to grow with a target of achieving 1 million sales in 2017.

Note: Sales numbers presented here are manufacturer reported sales numbers i.e. factory dispatches to dealerships. They are NOT retail sales figures to end customers.
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