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Weekly Mashup – Edition 14


Weekly Mashup - Edition 14
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Chart: The Nifty P/E Ratio Is Still Too High For Comfort

#Data Analysis

Investors Flock To Debt Funds, Total Assets Growth At 0.5% Or Rs. 8,116 Crore
Domestic Airlines Growth At 22.6%, Indigo Receives 2 More A320neos In November


The 2016 Macro: Foreign Investors Sell Highest Amount of Debt Ever. First Net Sell Since 2008!


On Slack: 2017 Investment Outlook, Cash Chaos, Higher Spending, Manufacturing Halt, Mixed-up Math, Tall Claims, Ultra Wealthy, Zombie Account and more….
On Slack: Cash At Home, Collision Course, Massive Move, Taxing FIIs Twice, The First Million, Trump Tariff, Too Much Debt?


Premium (Unlocked) : What We Wrote About in 2016
Premium: A High Risk Arbitrage Play for [stock], Should You Jump In?
Portfolios (Unlocked) : Capitalmind Performance in 2016 – A Good Year For The Five Portfolios


Today we unlock the premium article “Implied Move in Stocks From Straddle Ranges
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Weekly Mashup - Edition 14
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