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Equity Funds Purchases At 20 Month High, Debt Funds Witness Lower Purchases & Higher Redemptions


Equity Funds Purchases At 20 Month High, Debt Funds Witness Lower Purchases & Higher Redemptions
November witnessed an Net Inflow of Rs. 36,021 crore against Rs. 32,334 crore in October, 2016. This is the 5th consecutive month wherein the inflows were higher than outflows.
Total Inflow stood at Rs. 1,399,419 crore against an outflow of Rs. 1,363,398 crore.

Debt Funds: 23% jump in Redemption

  • Fresh purchases made by investors fell 21% sequentially from Rs. 104,791 crore to Rs. 83,068 crore.
  • Redemptions were higher 23% sequentially at Rs. 64,762 crore – third highest since April this year. October redemptions stood at Rs. 52,666 crore.
  • This resulted in the net inflow falling 65% sequentially from Rs. 52,125 crore to Rs. 18,306 crore.


Equity: Highest Inflow in the past 20 months

  • Fresh purchases made by investors rose 25% sequentially from Rs. 18,303 crore to Rs. 22,816 crore – this is the highest since Apr-15.
  • Redemptions were higher 55% sequentially at Rs. 13,737 crore – fourth highest since April this year. October redemptions stood at Rs. 8,869 crore.
  • This resulted in the net inflow falling a minute 4% sequentially from Rs. 9,434 crore to Rs. 9,079 crore.


Balanced Funds

  • Positive Net Inflow for the 19th straight month at Rs. 3,632 crore.
  • Purchases stood at Rs. 4,310 crore against Redemptions of Rs. 678 crore.


The Big Data Chart: Inflows, Outflows and Net flows

  • 4th month of Net Inflows across all schemes.
  • While Debt Funds witnessed its highest inflow during this financial year in the month of Oct-16, Equity Funds witnessed its highest inflow beating the second highest month by Rs. 1,503 crore.

Source: AMFI -> Research & Information -> AMFI Monthly
We cover the monthly report covering the sales and redemption/ repurchase data of Mutual Funds in India. This will be a regular feature going forward.
You can catch the previous month report here: Debt Funds Purchases Cross1 Lakh Crore, Net Inflow At 19-Month High of Rs. 52,125 Crore


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