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Dwarikesh Sugar Enters Big Whale Anil Kumar Goel’s Portfolio


We bring you the “Big Deals” for today. A summary of the most important Bulk and Block Deals.

Dwarikesh Sugar Industries – An Integrated Sugar Company

Classified as one of the most efficient integrated sugar companies in Uttar Pradesh, Dwarikesh has 3 plants located in one of the India’s largest sugar producing state – Uttar Pradesh. Two plants are located in Bijnor District – a District with focused concentration on cane production on highly fertile and well-irrigated land and the third Plant at Bareilly.
All the three plants are well connected with major sugar consuming markets of the
country, the Bareilly plant being located on the National Highway itself. (Source: Company Presentation)
Big Whale Anil Kumar Goel purchased 98078 shares or 0.52% at an avg. price of Rs. 235.15/- thereby valuing the deal at Rs. 2.31 crore.
The shares of Dwarikesh Sugar Industries closed at Rs. 243.10/- down -5.79 %.


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