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FDA Sample Analysis Reveales Presence of Salmonella Contamination In Bikaji Chowpati Bhelpuri


We bring you our Wednesday Weekly FDA Product Recalls Report.
Surprisingly there were no new recalls initiated by Indian Pharmacos over the last 7 days resulting in nothing much to report in today’s recall. But we stumbled across an interesting recall of Bikaji Chowpati Bhelpuri – a product that costs no more than 50 bucks a pack.
We have seen every analyst and investor including news reporters going full blast against the FDA that they target only Indian Pharmacos and every action that the FDA takes brings the Indian Pharmacos Industry to its knees. But looking at this recall of Bikaji Chowpati Bhelpuri, FDA continues to show the true value or the necessity of placing adequate quality controls in place and the need for a regulatory agency.
This recall may not be a major one or one that brings the Indian Food or Pharmacos Industry to its knees, but it does point to one great set of work that is being performed by the FDA.
Today’s recall is for the infamous Bikaji Chowpati Bhelpuri – a pack of chowpatty bhelpuri is a snack made from oil using a mix of spicy and tasty active ingredients.
The company in question initiating the recall is Krishan Food Corp. based out of 59 Ariel Ct, Branchburg, NJ 08853-4233, United States while the product has been manufactured in India. The manufacturer of this product continues to be Bikaji Foods – a leading FMCG brand in India and abroad with its core products line of Bhujia, Namkeen, Papad, Snacks and Sweets.
Krishan Foods Inc. is recalling 16 cartons of this product – each carton contains 30 packets of 300gms. The recall initiated is for a particular batch (BATCH NO: 2016 F 97) with an expiry date of June, 2017 (recall was initiated on 22-Sep-16).
The FDA has classified this as a Class I recall. FDA classifies a recall as Class I when the use of or exposure to a violative product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death. The recall has been initiated in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania while some units may have landed there via Retail stores and restaurants.
The FDA also cited the reason for the recall as “FDA sample analysis revealed the presence of Salmonella contamination” – a bacterium that occurs mainly in the gut, especially a serotype causing food poisoning.
This product that has been recalled has been discontinued on Snapdeal while still being sold on Namkeenwale and is currently being exported to Zambia, Singapore and Botswana.
Exports of such food products stood at Rs. 81,345.91 lakhs in 2015-16 and for the current year (Apr-Jul) stands at Rs. 28,014 lakhs.


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