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Capitalmind Mashup – 01Oct2016


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The Indian Banking Sector Report: NPA Shocks Continue As Banks Struggle to Provision Enough
Banks: MCLR Update – 30 September 2016


On Slack: Aadhaar for Jio, Automation Strikes Textile, Contagion Risks, Displaced Moving Average, Loss Making PSUs, Pension Shortfalls, Retirement Income, Trading Suspension, Trading Tips, Value Averaging and much more…
Take Control, Invest Actively : Active Investing Series Part 1
That Markets Rose During The Kargil War Means Diddly Squat To Markets Today
On Slack: Desperate Central Bankers, Deutsche Bank Mess, La Nina Elusive, Oil Output Cut, Opportunistic Move, Options Commodities, Virtually Merged and much more…


Portfolio: Exiting Capital Mind Monsoon Portfolio – Returns 20% in 4 Months
StratOptions: We learn about ratios, adjustments, and patience, while scoring 2% in returns
Portfolio: We Add One Auto Ancillary Company And Exit from Two Stocks in Momentum Portfolio
Portfolios: Market Turns Choppy ; Reducing a Position In Momentum, Keeping Long Term As Is


Sun Pharma Recalls 12,109 Bottles of Tablets Used To Treat Heart Failure
Lupin Goa Recalls 26,463 Bottles of Lisinopril Tablets and 3,192 Bottles Escitalopram Tablets
Vivimed Labs Touches 52 Week High As Big Whale Ashish Kacholia Buys 13 Lakh Shares


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