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Bharat Gears, Delta Corp and NCC Witness Big Deals


We bring you the “Big Deals” for today. A summary of the most important Bulk and Block Deals.

Today’s Big Deals:

Bharat Gears – manufacturer and supplier of ring gears and pinions, transmission gears and shafts, differential gears, gear boxes for the automotive industry. The stock closed at Rs.155.20/- or +1.73% with Q2 results scheduled in 6 days i.e. 27-Oct-16.
Big Whale Anil Kumar Goel who held 1.95 lakh shares or 2.49%, sold 41,168 shares or 0.53% to bring his holding down to 1.53 lakh shares or 1.96%.
The stock has been part of his portfolio for over 3 years now.
Delta Corp – engaged in the business of gaming & entertainment with interests in hospitality and real estate. The Company has business interests in India, Sri Lanka and Kenya. The stock closed at Rs. 179.40/- or -1.23% with Q2 results scheduled in 4 days i.e. 25-Oct-16. It witnessed a breakout today i.e. All Time High (7/30).
Swiss Finance Corporation (Mauritius) which held 86 lakh shares or 3.76%, sold 15.24 lakh shares or 0.66% to bring his holding down to 71.61 lakh shares or 3.10%. Swiss Finance Corporation (Mauritius) Limited operates as a subsidiary of UBS AG.
NCC Limited – engaged in the construction of industrial and commercial buildings, roads, bridges and flyovers, water supply and environment projects, housing, power transmission lines and irrigation. The stock closed at Rs. 92.35/- +12.00%. It witnessed a Breakout, MACD Bullish Crossover and Volume Shocker.
Blackstone Capital Partners – one of the world’s leading investment firms opened its doors with a staff of four, including the two founders, Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman (who had previously worked together at Lehman Brothers) and a balance sheet of $400,000.  Over the course of two decades, Blackstone has evolved into one of the world’s largest private equity investment firms with $356 billion AUM (as of June 30, 2016).
Blackstone held 1.57 crore shares or 3.76% of which 1.49 crore shares were sold. Part of this sale (1.35 crore shares) was purchased by Reliance Banking Fund at a price of Rs. 86/- per share.


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