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Video: How To Set Up and Use a New Version of Options Oracle


Options Oracle has been an interesting tool to use with options. We have for you a new “fast” version of OptionsOracle, which is available for download below:
Set up OptionsOracle
You must unzip the files into a folder and run OptionsOracle directly. You can see a full video on how you can use Options Oracle. (Click above)
This tool was created by Shlomo Shachar and Oren Moshe, who made it Open Source. Capitalmind will release the full source code in an opensource repository soon.
Note:  Some users may face an error where they don’t see any items in the server selection drop-down under configurations. To resolve this, right click on each of the .dll files in the Options Oracle folder, select properties and check “Unblock“. See how to do this here.
We have added one new interesting feature: When you plot the graph of your strategy, you can then see a “Start” button. If you press that, the graph animates from today to the expiry date, giving you an idea of how your profitability changes as the days move. Check it out and Do let us know what you think!


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