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On Slack: Returns of Robo-Advisors; Don't Go For Cute Inv. Managers; 5 IT Stocks Lose 47K Cr; 10 Financial Modelling Commandments and more


What’s Happening on Our Slack Channels?

The Slack group at Capital Mind Premium has been extremely active and if you haven’t been there (Premium subscribers only), pop us a note by replying to this email or login here using your premium credentials.

Capitalmind Slack discussions

A brief summary of some of the interesting things discussed there in the last few days:

#general: Don’t give him access to your loot, just because his talk is cute !

Choosing and investment manager is in many ways even more difficult than choosing stocks. We meet with them and open ourselves up to a new set of biases. Successful fund raisers are more qualified in psychology than in economics. Just like your “trusted” “sweet-talking” jeweller is more qualified in etiquette and mannerisms than actual gemology, some investment managers too know the art of selling better than the art of making money.

#general: Goldman Sachs Has Started Giving Away Its Most Valuable Software

There is perhaps no better sign of the changes that have engulfed Wall Street than this: Goldman Sachs has recently started giving clients the tools that made it a trading powerhouse, for free.

#general: India’s ‘flash boys’ fret over proposed automated trading curbs

India’s “flash boys”, or high-frequency traders, are pushing back against the domestic markets regulator and in some cases putting investments in new strategies on hold, saying proposed tighter rules could render their ultra-fast systems redundant.

#general: Sink or die, but pay back home buyers: SC tells Supertech

Supreme Court today gave a stern message to Supertech asking it to return money to investors saying it was not concerned whether the real estate major “sinks or dies”, a direction which may soothe ruffled feathers of hassled home buyers waiting endlessly for their dream homes.

 #bonds-and-funds: Chart o’ the Day: The Tech Breakout Nobody’s Talking About

My pal JC Parets at All Star Charts has a pair of worthwhile charts to check out concerning the recent strength in large cap tech. It’s not just tech on an absolute basis – it’s tech relative to the overall markets that is most interesting to him.

#bonds-and-funds: Returns vary widely for robo-advisors with similar risk

Automated investing services, known as robo-advisors, offer low-cost portfolios designed for each investor’s risk tolerance — but the bespoke nature of the investments make them difficult to benchmark.
Robo-advisors are growing rapidly. Financial services research firm Cerulli Associates estimates that assets under management of robo-advisors will soar by 2,500 percent to $489 billion in 2020 from $18.7 billion in 2015. That’s roughly 22 percent of the estimated $2.2 trillion independent registered investment advisors manage today.
returns of robo-advisors-suck-too

#bonds-and-funds: Fund Management BS-Meter

Understand how much you pay to get your money managed professionally.

#stocks-fundamentals: Top 5 IT stocks lose nearly Rs47,000 crore in market value, on TCS profit warning

India’s top five technology companies on Thursday lost a combined Rs.47,000 crore in market value in morning trade on Thursday after Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) warned about weakness in its key banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) arm.
A quick note on What is the provisioning  % for a NPA versus standard asset ? How does this play over time ?
Banks NPA provision percentages over time

#stocks-fundamentals: 10 Commandments of Financial Modeling

From Nick Colas, Chief Strategist at Convergex, comes the 10 Commandments of Financial Modeling:

#stocks-fundamentals: SpiceJet Q1 net profit beats estimates, up 104 per cent at Rs 149 cr ; shares up 20%

SpiceJet shares advanced nearly 20 per cent on Wednesday after the company reported better-than-estimated 104 per cent growth in net profit at Rs 149.03 crore for the quarter ended June 30, 2016
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