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Results Summary : June 2016 : As of 15th July


Financial results for the quarter ending June 2016 are in and we have tabulated them for you in this report.

The report includes all companies with a market cap of more than 1000 cr., and we have divided them into sectors.

Till July 15 2016, 15 such companies have announced results with a combined turnover of Rs. 59,706 Cr, with a Total Revenue increase by 2.15%. Total Profit also went up by 8.77%.

companies more than doubled net profit.

Capital Mind will update this report regularly and provide a note at Capital Mind Premium when updated. Please feel free to contact us for any corrections or changes. This has been a regular feature at Capital Mind from Q1 FY 2015 onward.


  • All figures in Rs. Cr. except EPS, which is in rupees.
  • PAT = Profit After Tax
  • Rev = Revenue
  • EPS = Earnings Per Share (Adjusted for Bonuses and Splits)
  • Only Companies with Market Cap of more than Rs. 1000 cr.
  • Growth totals are added up for Revenue/Profits, but Averaged for the Annual Growth Percentages.
  • Where earnings go from profit to loss or vice versa, things go a little crazy with the profit and EPS growth percentages. Please ignore them.

The Standouts:

  • 8K Miles was a stand out, increased revenue and profits by 1.05 and 1.5 times
  • Zee Learn with a revenue increase of 17.52%, has managed to reach 1.02 times increase in profits.
  • Network18 profit plunged by almost 8 times and revenue decreased by 14%.
  • TV18Broadcast profits declined by 2.72 times and revenue decreased by 22.84%.

Results Summary Q1FY17 - 15 Jundivider


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