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June 2016 Results – 8K Miles, South Indian Bank and IndusInd Bank


Q1 Results are out! As the companies line up to disclose their performance report, we bring you a daily summary of the previous days results. You can also find these updated on our Daily Tracker here.

Generic image for Q1 2017

Here is a quick short summary of the 3 companies that came out with their results on or before 11-July-2016.

8K Miles Software

8K Miles software are into cloud storage and service sector. Their client base is majorly pharma and healthcare. 8K Miles Software has come out with brilliant results, revenue and net profit increasing by more than 100% year on year.  Revenue and net profit increased by 20% and 47% quarter on quarter respectively. To add to the results, 8K miles has become partner to Microsoft CSP and IBM in Canada. Also signed agreements with 4 new healthcare firms. 


8K Miles Software Q1FY17 result


IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank performance has been moderate with revenue and net profit increasing by 5.44% and 6.61% quarter on quarter.  Gross NPA % to the outstanding advances increased by 0.04% QoQ basis. Where as outstanding Gross NPA increased by 10.79% QoQ. The provisioning of bad loans also increased by 7.48% QoQ, indicating still the NPA classification is not yet over.

IndusInd Bank Q1FY17 result

South Indian Bank

South Indian Bank has increased its revenue and net profit by 9.47% and 45.60% respectively on year on year basis. Gross NPA % as of total loan outstanding has come down by only 0.19% on quarter on quarter basis. But the outstanding Gross NPA has increased by 5.71% quarter on quarter. The provisioning has decreased by 1.72% compared to last quarter, indicating some recovery from the NPA segment.

South Indian Bank Q1FY17 Result

    Note: All values reported here are in crores except EPS and unless stated these are consolidated results



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