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On Slack: Epsilon Theory, FSSAI standards, Brexit is terrifying, Future of Europe, Billionaire Soros, Small-Lot Coffee, Oil Quest, Share Repurchases and much more…


The Slack Discussions

The Slack group at Capital Mind Premium has been extremely active and if you haven’t been there (Premium subscribers only), pop us a note by replying to this email.

A brief summary of some of the interesting things discussed there in the last few days:

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#general: Brexit vote creates new uncertainty for UK, EU pharma industry


#macronomics: With Brexit, Japan Inc. gets acquisition bargains

Japanese companies, which have embarked on a $210 billion global acquisition spree over the past three years, are getting a surprise bargain out of Brexit. (Link)

#general: Epsilon Theory – Waiting for Humpty Dumpty

Viewing capital markets through the lenses of Game Theory and history. (Link)

#general: FSSAI frames safety standards for alcoholic drinks

Food safety regulator FSSAI has approved standards for alcoholic drinks like whiskey and beer and finalised a list of additives to be used for making these products, a top official said. (Link)

#general: I-T raids offices of GMR’s DIAL, corporate lobbyist Deepak Talwar

Income tax officials conducted a massive raid on the offices of Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (DIAL) in New Delhi and NCR. DIAL is a joint venture consortium of GMR Group, Airports Authority of India and transport company Fraport. (Link)

#macronomics: Brexit is terrifying — and no, not because of the economics

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is one of those rare events that should chill you to your core, as it has already chilled me to mine.

Why? Because it calls into question the best thing humanity has created in its political history: the post–World War II global order. (Link)

#general: Gurus Rescue Investors from Falling Victim to Carnage in Markets over Brexit Fears


#stocks-fundamentals: Tata Steel Bidders Get Cold Feet over Brexit

Wilbur Ross is unlikely to pursue a takeover of Tata Steel’s UK business in the wake of the EU referendum, Sky News learns. (Link)

#general: Second EU referendum petition investigated for fraud

The House of Commons petitions committee is investigating allegations of fraud in connection with a petition calling for a second EU referendum.

Its inquiry is focused on the possibility that some names could be fraudulent – 77,000 signatures have already been removed. (Link)

#general: Brexit and the Future of Europe


#general: “Winners Curse” Afflicts Porinju Veliyath’s Equity Intelligence PMS and Drags CAGR down in FY 2015-16

The returns from Equity Intelligence, Porinju Veliyath’s PMS, has dipped sharply in FY 2015-16 in comparison to the returns for earlier years. We need to explore the reasons for this grim state of affairs. (Link)

#general: Lionel Messi announces retirement from international football after loss in Copa America final

Lionel Messi has announced his retirement from international football following a loss in Copa America final against Chile. (Link)

#general: Direct plans are hurting the mutual fund industry: Tamanna Varma, distributor


#macronomics: Billionaire Soros Was ‘Long’ on Pound before Vote on Brexit

George Soros, the billionaire who forged his reputation on a 1992 bet that the U.K. would devalue the pound, was “long” the currency before Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union on Friday. (Link)

#stocks-fundamentals: The most successful IPOs so far this year

Quality issues by companies with a strong management and financial track record will always find buyers, according to founder chairman of Prime Database. (Link)

#general: Starbucks Plans to Debut Small-Lot Coffee From This Tea-Growing Country

Starbucks for the first time will sell single-origin, premium coffee from India in the United States as part of its effort to support coffee production in the country better known for its tea. (Link)

#macronomics: A Global Macro View of Brexit Implications

While the knee-jerk market reactions to the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) fade, some longer-term ramifications could continue to create market uncertainty. Dr. Michael Hasenstab, CIO of Templeton Global Macro, provides his take on the implications of the UK’s decision to leave the EU—and what it could mean for investors. (Link)

#general: European bank stocks set for worst two-day loss ever in post-Brexit fallout

European bank stocks .SX7P extended post-Brexit losses on Monday putting the sector on track for its worst 2-day drop ever. (Link)

#stocks-fundamentals: HCL Technologies struggles to retain existing clients

HCL Technologies may be losing out as clients shift to cloud services offered by rivals Microsoft Azure, Amazon’s AWS amid inability to cross-sell services. (Link)

#general: Narendra Modi’s Rs1.8 trillion oil quest offers lifeline to service firms

The measures are expected to boost gas output by 35 million standard cubic meters a day oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan had said when the policy changes were announced. (Link)

s: Nigel Farage jeered and booed as he tells MEPs they are ‘in denial’ over Brexit

Ukip leader Nigel Farage was jeered by the European Parliament after he told MEPs that they were “in denial” about Brexit and that they had “never had a proper job before”. (Link)


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How share repurchases boost earnings without improving returns – Link



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