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HSBC Mauritius sells 26 lakh shares in Reliance Infrastructure to AGF Emerging Markets Fund


Reliance Infra logo

Reliance Infrastructure India’s largest private sector enterprise power utility and construction company part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.

RInfra is also the leading utility company having presence across the entire value chain of power businesses i.e. generation, transmission, distribution and trading of power.

AGF Logo

HSBC Bank (Mauritius) which held 3,955,629 shares representing 1.55% of the share capital, has reduced its stake to 1,298,487 shares or 0.51%. The stock was sold at an avg. price of Rs. 541.5/- per share valuing the deal at Rs. 144 Cr.

AGF Emerging Markets Fund purchased this stake of 2,657,142 shares or 1.04% of the share capital.

AGF has been providing asset management services to institutions and individuals around the globe. AGF has deep Canadian roots, providing investment advisors and their clients with a wide range of award-winning mutual funds and managed assets programs.

The fund currently has a 13.2% exposure to the Indian Equities Market and holds the following as per its March, 2016 filing:

AGF Emerging Markets Fund - Schedule of Investment Portfolio as at March 31, 2016divider


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