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Big Whale Akash Bhanshali cuts stake in Balrampur Chini Mills from 7.22% to 5.03%


Balrampur Chini Mills Logo

Balrampur Chini Mills is one of the largest integrated sugar manufacturing companies in India. Its allied business consists of manufacturing and marketing of Ethyl Alcohol & Ethanol, generation and selling of power and manufacturing and marketing of organic manure. Company has sugar 11 factories located in U.P. having an aggregate crushing capacity of 79,000 tons per day.

Balrampur Chini Mills Share Price June 2016Akash Bhanshali who held 13,355,564 shares representing 5.45% of the share capital as of March-16 (as per the shareholding submitted to the exchange), has confirmed that his actual holdings stood at 17,680,866 shares representing 7.22% of the share capital.

From the 8-Feb-16 to 14-Jun-16, he has reduced his stake by 5,367,376 shares or 2.19% (details of the sale are not available)

Who is Akash Bhanshali? (Grab the latest Big Whales Report here)

Akash Bhanshali is the nephew of Vallabh Bhanshali, a storied investment banker who introduced Infosys to the capital markets and also co-founded Enam Securities along with Nemish Shah (another Investor Billionaire).

Akash Bhanshali currently holds stake in Enam Securities and also spearheads the Visual Percept Solar Projects (a subsidiary of Talma Chemical Industries Private Limited, which is owned by the Bhanshali family of the ENAM group).



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