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Nomura Singapore reduces stake in Infibeam from 5.67% to 4%



The company is one of India’s leading e-commerce setups. They own and operate the Infibeam BuildaBazaar (BaB) e-commerce marketplace, which provides cloud-based, modular and customizable digital solutions and other value added services to enable merchants to set up online storefronts. As part of the integrated e-commerce ecosystem, the company also operates, one of India’s leading multi-category e-retail website.

The company had a price band of Rs. 360 – Rs. 432 per share. After making a premium debut the stock today closed at 443.70 per share or down 1.64%.

Infibeam Share Price April 2016

We covered the Infibeam IPO here, today we cover the stake sale by Nomura Singapore.

As per the shareholding on the day of listing, Nomura held 3,008,921 shares or 5.67% sold 884,284 shares or 1.67% to bring its shareholding down to 2,124,637 shares or 4%.

Infibeam Nomura April 2016



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