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ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund reduces stake in Kaveri Seeds


Kaveri Seeds

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Royalty Mess at Kaveri Seeds Revisited

Kaveri Seeds is known for genetically enhanced premium quality seed. The Company has vast experience in seed production of major agricultural crops backed by a very strong in-house R&D programme for crops maize, cotton, sun flower, bajra, sorghum, rice and several vegetable crops.

With over 600 acres of farm land owned by the company and dedicated team of researchers, the company designs and develops productive hybrids that excel in market and fetch rewarding returns. 

Kaveri Seed Share Price April 2016

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund and East Spring Investments which held 3,569,885 shares or 5.17% as of 5-Jan-16, sold a part of their stake to bring their shareholding down to 2,146,752 shares or 3.11% as per the disclosure submitted earlier today.



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