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Government Pension Fund Global sells stake in HT Media to ICICI Lombard General Insurance


HT MediaCapital Mind Outlier Stock – BBand

HT Media Outlier April 2016

HT Media found its beginning in 1924 when its flagship newspaper, Hindustan Times. HT Media has today grown to become one of India’s largest media companies.

Hindustan Times is the choice for nearly 3.7 million readers across India. Hindustan, the group’s Hindi daily, continues to be the second-largest daily in the country with a total readership of 36.6 million.

In addition to Hindustan Times, HT Media also publishes a national business newspaper, Mint. Mint is a one-of-its-kind newspaper in the sense that the company has an exclusive agreement with the Wall Street Journal to publish Journal-branded news and information in India.

Diversifying its ambit of operations, the company in a consulting partnership with Virgin Radio, has launched the FM radio channel – Fever 104.

HT Media Share Price April 2016

Government Pension Fund Global which held 9,785,517 shares or 4.20% as of March, 2016 sold 2,610,047 shares or 1.12% to bring its shareholding down to 7,175,470 shares or 3.08%.

ICICI Lombard General Insurance purchased this stake sale of 2,633,784 shares or 1.13%.

HT Media Limited ICICI Lombard General Insurance Norges Bank - Government Pension Fund Global



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