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Deutsche Securities sells stake in Voltamp Transformers to Citigroup Global Markets


Voltamp Transformers

The Company has installed facility to manufacture Oil filled Power and Distribution Transformers up to 160MVA, 220kV Class, Resin Impregnated Dry type Transformers up to 5 MVA, 11KV Class (In Technical collaboration with MORA, Germany) and Cast Resin Dry type Transformers up to 12.5 MVA, 33 KV Class (In Technical collaboration with HTT, Germany).

Over the years the company has earned customers which includes leaders in Government and Semi-Government projects, Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Power sector, Pharma, Paper, Steel, Cement sectors etc. and various other Industries and State Electricity Boards in India as well.

80% of the present annual sales are from Project Business. In most of the Projects, Transformer orders are through leading consultants of International repute like – Engineers India Ltd., Kaverner, Tata Consulting Engineers, Mn Dastur, Avant Garde, Toyo Engineering, Jacobs Hg, Uhde, Chemtex Engg., Dalal Consultants Ltd., Bechtel, Mecon, Development Consultants, Fichtner Consulting Engineers – to name a few. All the turnkey Contractors like ABB, SIEMENS, L&T etc. are regularly sourcing their Transformer requirements for their Industrial and Switchyard package projects.

Voltamp Transformers Deutsche Citigroup Share Price April 2016

Deutsche Securities sold 74,451 shares or 0.74% to Citigroup Global Markets. With this trade, Deutsche Securities has reduced its holding to 30,798 shares or 0.30% while Citigroup Global Markets has increased to 418,353 shares or 4.14%.

Other investors in the company include Nalanda Capital, Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds, UIT Mutual Funds, and ICICI Mutual Fund.



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