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Delivery Shockers – 15/03: HDFC Bank, WABCO India and Symphony Show up in Today’s Shockers

This is a part of the Capsule series; data that is revealed in the markets, collated and curated to make trade-able sense.

Delivery Volume Shockers!

We have compiled a list of those stocks which have seen massive increases in the “deliverable quantity to traded quantity %”.

Stocks are traded every day and most stocks see intra-day trading (buy and sell on the same day). Intra-day trades don’t result in delivery – if two people buy and sell from each other and square off within the day, there will be volume, but no actual shares will change hands.

Delivery volumes as a percentage of total volume shows us how much of the stock is traded versus held for more than a day. It’s not very useful to use this data to trade per se.

But what is useful is if the delivery percentage JUMPS. If a stock is thinly delivered (say 30% delivery) and jumps up to 80% delivery then we are likely to be seeing some action in that stock because either a big buyer is in or a big seller is. 

Listed below, are the Top 25 for today (15th Mar, 2016):



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  • Alka Dalmia says:

    A great analysis, thanks Gautam. Definitely, a surge in the % of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity as compared to 5 Days Average is a positive signal for stocks, especially Banking sector, with all eyes now on Janet Yellen as the world markets wait on the US rate hike announcement tonite at 11.30 pm IST. Is the Fed Rate announcement the next big event for Nifty-Checkout at