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Top Posts:Bullet Train In India;Billion Dollar Startup Valuations;High Industrial Production Numbers;Howard Marks Investment Advice;Kaveri Seeds Royalty Issue and More…


This week had been an amazing one on Capital Mind. There was quite a buzz on the recent happenings in Indian financial markets on our Slack channels. You can read what was discussed and what links were shared by going to our Slack Discussions category[Premium Members Only]. All archives are in!Top Posts of the Week

On the other side, the in-depth post by Deepak Shenoy on the startup valuations received quite a hit rate. The post had picture perfect analysis that shredded the cloud of disbelief regarding the bizarre and sky-high valuations of some startups. Valuations are fine if the companies were minting money, but that is not the case. We revisited the Kaveri Seeds issue and wrote a detailed post on what’s happening regarding the finances and this post is quite interesting to read and ponder on.

You can also have a look at our previous weeks’ top posts in order to get a quick understanding on what is happening in the Indian financial markets.

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So, let’s look at the list(BTW, links open in new tabs)

  • The Economics of the Bullet Train and Whether It Makes Financial Sense To Take a 0.1% Loan: Ever since the press release on 13th December, the number crunchers were coming out with several views which were contradictory and misleading. So, We took the responsibility and wrote a detailed write-up explaining the current scenario and what would unfold once the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project kicks into action. You can get a complete picture on the numbers involved and what the supposed actions would be.
  • High Valuations My Ass: Headline Startup Valuation Numbers Hide The Much Lower Risk For Investors: You might have come across several articles regarding the billion dollar valuations of startup companies. You might have wondered how the venture capitalists decide on the valuations and how real they are and also what are the different metrics involved in order to arrive at those figures. Well, now you have a resource which dives deep into the several metrics involved and lets you understand how much risk investors actually take when they buy at those high valuations..
  • The Economics of Using Uber in India, For Drivers, Passengers and the Company: This post had consistently been on the top posts list from the day it went live. We dwell into the numbers involved and show you how we(the customers) and the drivers(their fleet) are ultimately reaping the benefits – but not the company. Do you know that the price per kilometer of Rs.7 is heavily subsidized by the VCs involved? Well, you can get to know more interesting points through this post.
  • How To Calculate Long Term Capital Gains Tax: Looks complex to calculate, right? But, Deepak explains it with a simple to understand example making it much easier to grasp the intricacies involved. You wouldn’t have come across another article explaining Long Term Capital Gains Tax calculation this easily and also deciphers the logic behind the numbers involved.
  • Royalty Mess at Kaveri Seeds Revisited: Ravi Duggirala gets back to detail Kaveri Seeds fiasco and it gets interesting this time as the government got involved and put a nail on the coffin by issuing a notification that it would be regulating the seed prices from now on. In addition to that, government will also try to fix the trait value/loyalty that is to be paid to Mahyco Monsanto Biotech Limited. You will get to know how the once flourishing Kaveri Seeds went through brutal phases and is just barely alive now.
  • Guest Post: Havells Sells Sylvania To Stem Losses But Needs To Pump Up Domestic Business Too: Ravi Duggirala explains how the once all-cash purchase of Sylvania(at around 1525 crores) by an Indian electrical company Havell’s turned sour and brought down the roof on Havell itself. Sylvania’s losses dragged Havells so low that it’s now decided to sell off 80% of Sylvania to Shanghai Feilo Acoustics, a chinese listed company. You will get to see various numbers involved and how far can Havell’s sail with the aid this sale brings in.

Well, that’s for this week folks. We will come up with another top posts collection on friday. So, keep watching this space. If you haven’t subscribed to the mailing list yet, do so now. Provide your email address above and get our in-depth financial analytics posts directly into your inbox.

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