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New: Results Calendar at Capital Mind Snap

At Capital Mind Snap we have a Results Calendar for you which shows you what’s coming around on a daily basis.


There are three types of entries:

  • image This signifies a corporate action. A Split or Bonus, where the share price typically adjusts. A 1:2 split will take the price to half, as does a 1:1 bonus.
  • image  Dividends are in green. The number is the rupee number (Rs. 15 per share) of the dividend announced. Again, the stock price will fall by that much on the day.
  • image In Blue is the Result Announcement day, according to the filings in NSE/BSE. The time is not know (so it could be post-market hours).

If there are more entries for a day than the screen allows, you can click the +5 more… and a popup will tell you the rest:


Do have fun, and comment on what you think we might add!

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