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The Great Big Chinese Yuan Devaluation In Perspective

Yeah, yeah, the Chinese Yuan has devalued.

But let’s just see what other emerging countries have done since last August.


Puts things in a slightly different perspective.

  • EVo says:

    Erm.. I believe China trades with the rest of the world like no other country.
    So your perspective is when comparing it to other currencies devaluation is OK if you just want to show overall reaction towards a strong dollar, but an informative graph would be to plot the impact of a yuan devaluation impacting its major trading partners in various sectors.

  • Pradeep says:

    Hi Deepak,
    This is Pradeep from
    The chart above says it all without using a single word.
    I recently came across your blog and it is very insightful. You do have a very keen mind and your selection of contemporary topics will make me visit again and again.
    Although your articles are not directly related to stock trading but I still enjoy them. 🙂
    Feel free to get in touch and keep up the good work.

  • Gold Bug says:

    Why INR (for that matter SE Asian) follows Yuan Devaluation ?
    Seems it is carry trade which bunches China with all the Asia Pacific.
    It is well known that several Billions (nearing 2 Trillions) have been pumped up into these markets since 2008 by carry trades which is being unwound (may be slowly). Recently several Hedge Funds have reported losses in this carry trade.

  • Bijay Kumar Agrawal says:

    Hi Deepak,
    Put some light on timing of QE announcement by china and its impact on Indian market.