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Chart: Foreign Investors Sell More Equity in Jun 2014, But Buy Debt

FIIs continue to sell equity as they sold about Rs. 3,300 cr. in June in equity. However, they have been net purchasers of debt with about Rs. 1,700 cr. worth of purchased positions.


While they have sold equity positions in May and June, it’s still a big positive for the whole year. And in Debt too:


Foreign investments might have slowed but it looks like domestic investments have come to meet them more than half way. In the near term there are two fears that will keep foreign money tentative:

  • The impact of Greece (the eventual default impact will be known only next week)
  • The eventual US Rate Hike

Meanwhile Indian markets are running up like there’s no tomorrow! We should expect extreme volatility…and not in one direction, so this is pretty much par for the course.

  • HP says:

    Pls. change the year as 2015 in the subject, instead of 2014

  • Vineet says:

    Do you think that we will see sustained domestic investment in the market with NPS picking up and even PF’s investing a part of their corpus in the markets ?
    I can also see a lot of people around me thinking positively about SIP’s, it’s purely anecdotal but it’s a good sign. It’s not short term stock market euphoria, people are now more practical about the returns on their investments. I think MF’s have finally managed to convey the right message with their ads.

  • Anshuk Jain says:

    Even I have a good feeling about NPS and PF money coming in the market. Hope for the best.