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Video: What are your Biggest Losers?


Recently we did a fantastic video with @b50 on “Biggest Losers”. To those who don’t know, Anupam, who’s @b50 on twitter, spearheaded a program called Big Loser on twitter which encourages people to lose weight.

In the markets of course, Anupam, who’s a CA and a darn good fin guy (though he will refuse to accept it) doesn’t want to lose – and like many of us, he has his share of mistakes in the past. We bring you the video called “Biggest Losers”.

Now we’ve heard of more than a few stocks that have plunged to new depths. A good quote is:

A stock that has fallen by 90% is one that first fell by 80%, and then fell by half.

Catching a falling knife is one of the mistakes everyone must have made at some time in their careers. And some of the stocks mentioned in the twitter conversation and replies were:

Unitech, the biggest of them all:


And there’s Suzlon:


And so many more that have been mentioned on Twitter:

  • JP Power
  • Pyramid Saimira
  • JP Associates
  • Punj Lloyd
  • The whole Reliance Group
  • Geodesic
  • Karaturi Global

For a larger list, @Prashant_Krish tweeted an awesome list of stocks that have fallen the most since 2008. Seven years of negative returns!

Disclosure: My own biggest loser was the great ICICI Pru Tech Fund, when I bought at 10 in Feb 2000 and got out at 2 in frustration. It’s only benefit? I decided to learn about the stock markets, and that hasn’t been a bad thing.

Tell us your biggest losers too! Tweet to @deepakshenoy and @b50 or use the hashtag #BiggestLosers. Or comment here.


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