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Video: What are your Biggest Losers?

Recently we did a fantastic video with @b50 on “Biggest Losers”. To those who don’t know, Anupam, who’s @b50 on twitter, spearheaded a program called Big Loser on twitter which encourages people to lose weight.

In the markets of course, Anupam, who’s a CA and a darn good fin guy (though he will refuse to accept it) doesn’t want to lose – and like many of us, he has his share of mistakes in the past. We bring you the video called “Biggest Losers”.

Now we’ve heard of more than a few stocks that have plunged to new depths. A good quote is:

A stock that has fallen by 90% is one that first fell by 80%, and then fell by half.

Catching a falling knife is one of the mistakes everyone must have made at some time in their careers. And some of the stocks mentioned in the twitter conversation and replies were:

Unitech, the biggest of them all:


And there’s Suzlon:


And so many more that have been mentioned on Twitter:

  • JP Power
  • Pyramid Saimira
  • JP Associates
  • Punj Lloyd
  • The whole Reliance Group
  • Geodesic
  • Karaturi Global

For a larger list, @Prashant_Krish tweeted an awesome list of stocks that have fallen the most since 2008. Seven years of negative returns!

Disclosure: My own biggest loser was the great ICICI Pru Tech Fund, when I bought at 10 in Feb 2000 and got out at 2 in frustration. It’s only benefit? I decided to learn about the stock markets, and that hasn’t been a bad thing.

Tell us your biggest losers too! Tweet to @deepakshenoy and @b50 or use the hashtag #BiggestLosers. Or comment here.

  • AJ says:

    Bought into the RJ inspired hyped IPO of A2Z Maintenance.
    IPO Price = Rs 400.
    Exited 3 years later at Rs 8.60

  • Kunal Damle says:

    My biggest loser has been Parekh Aluminex, bought at 300, saw it move to 600 didnt sell in the hype. It now is suspended and does not even trade. On another note the biggest loser for weight, is there some programme Anupam would like to share?

  • Chandra says:

    Bharati Shipyard….bought it at 650 levels (after seeing repeated recos across multiple magazines). Its now at a 97% loss! 🙁

  • Lokesh G says:

    Another one 3i Infotech. Purchased at 89 a share,now its at 8.9

  • Varun says:

    Tulip telecom for me. Bought at around 35 when it fell from 100 levels. I think it trades around 1.5₹ today.

  • Shan says:

    Got burnt in Suzlon and DLF. 🙁 Quit doing active investing and put almost all my money in index funds. Then learnt a bit more and now swearing away from high debt firms. No regrets now. Lesson learnt.

  • foo says:

    HPCL. Bought at 350, 320, 260… huge quantity… totalling 96 Lakhs … 100% of my portfolio. It fell to 160 in Aug 2013. I panicked. Sold at 180. Loss of 40lakhs. Now it is at 700+. Trust me this hurts more than the Unitechs and JPs of the world.

  • Kaushik says:

    Hi Deepak,
    I think another post deserves on how much money was lost on a trade 🙂
    That will mean the real essence of wealth destruction.

  • Bhaskar says:

    Lakshmi energy and foods – Had everything to its name – agriculture and solar energy 🙂
    Luckily I could average down and sell at no profit no loss in 3-4 years of holdings.
    Stock is at single digits now.
    Kaveri Telecom – Sold out at loss after string of director resignations probably at 40% loss.
    Lucky to get out. Stocks is at Rs10 or something.
    NMDC – Again a loss of 40% or so.
    Globus Spirits – Still holding on to it at 40% loss.. Hope to get out even 🙂
    These had been my losers and gave lots of learnings to me – Never trust shady promoters who do lot of foreign M&A ( Kavveri telecom), dont fall into the hype of agriculture and solar energy, never trust new IPO companies who don’t have a track record of execution and results etc etc I have a big list of promoters whose companies I don’t touch now like Cairn etc even if its at mouth watering levels. I have stopped investing in PSU companies blindly etc etc

    • Bhaskar says:

      I did not mean “solar energy” for Lakshmi -> should have been -> husk based energy.
      LEAF also took the equitymaster folks for a ride, they had been recommending this stock 🙂

  • Dinesh Nagpal says:

    DSQ Software and Pentamedia Software during the KP time of Vyaaj Badla at astronomical interest rates offered by CSE (now paralysed exchange) brokers. With KP behind bars and several big guns (brokers, agents & promoters — Dinesh Dalmia of DSQ) doing the houdini act, SEBI closed the market for sometime. When it re-opened, these stocks which used to trade in 4 digits crash landed and ultimately traded sub par (Rs 10 FV). Lesson learnt extra ordinary income (vyaaj badla which used to fetch 50% per annum yield and went as high as 80% per annum basis paid weekly through agents / brokers who were charging 10% of the interest earned as commission) so fast with 100% risk is just not worth it. Worst part is that it went on for quite sometime and yet SEBI did not do anything about it. Probably would have continued for some more time had not the Tech bubble go bust globally. I do not think any stock must have crashed so fast that even KS Oil, Kingfisher, Gitanjali Gems and Bhushan Steel will not be able to match up with the vertical dump. If Newton would have been alive he would have replaced the apple with these stocks.

  • anupam9gupta says:

    Hey Deepak – thanks for your kind words and for giving me this opportunity. Yes, I refuse to accept what you said because YOU are a darn good fin guy and among the best out there!