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Infy: The Impact of Results on the Stock In The Past

As we approach Infy Results, we see that markets have been relatively benign about the company in recent times. While the stock shot up over 5% in Jan (after Dec qtr results) it is comparatively little compared to earlier times, where a 5% move was a bit on the lower end of the spectrum.



Today, for the first time in a long time:

  • Infy isn’t the first Big IT company to announce results: we have seen TCS results (30% Year on Year down on profits), HCL Tech (YoY profits up 3.6%), Wipro (YoY profits up 2%)
  • Infy is releasing results mid-day instead of at 9 AM. So markets will not really move so much the previous day.

The stock is on a medium term downtrend, at a support level of the high it reached post results last time with a bit of a drop today already:


(Note: Blue arrows are previous results)

What happens in results? The general direction is down: Will Infy Surprise?

  • kumar says:

    someday very soon, SAP is going to open its eyes and find that about 14 of its executives now work for INFY.
    And then a lawsuit will follow. probably in america.