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The Rupee Does Way Better Than Big Emerging Market Currencies in 2015

The Indian Rupee is the best performing currency in the BRIC. Even the Indonesian Rupiah has devalued substantially.



Much of this is because the USDINR was at 63.8 at the end of last year, but it’s still remarkable to see that the USD has appreciated 22% against the Brazilian Lira, and more than 5% against the Russian Ruble and Indonesian Rupiah in 2015.


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  • Deep says:

    The currencies which have gone down significantly r commodity exporting countries,due to collapse in commodity prices.India in general benefits from lower commodity prices.

  • kumar says:

    who do you think should be congratulated, Deepak?
    – current and past RBI governors
    – current government
    – last government
    – the americans
    – all of the above
    – none of the above

  • Gold Bug says:

    (Jittery) Rajan meets FM ahead of FED meeting. Told media India fully prepared for volatality since we have comfortable Forex Reserves. But can the Reserve can defend against attack of speculators of Rupee (remember June-Aug. 2013). Even China with vast Reserves admitted it cannot withstand attacks since most of the Hot Money which came into China had been locked up in Long term Investments like illiquid Real Estates and State Enterprises Projects.
    India will be no diffferent.